Thursday, November 17, 2005


Yea! Max and I finally got to snuggle tonight! It was WONDERFUL!!! First I gave him a very messy sponge bath (a little difficult with the numerous IVs and tubes but manageable!) and then after we got him all cleaned up and weighed (just under 10 pounds still), I held him and just loved, loved, loved on him! Our snuggle time was followed by a gorgeous photo shoot! The nurses all were laughing at how many kisses Max got between each picture. I couldn't get enough of him tonight. :) He is sooo yummy cute.

I will post the pictures later this week...his shirt reads "Hello, my name is SNUGGABLE." And boy is he ever! He looks so good! I put his mobile back up today and he really seemed to be looking at it and paying attention...which is great considering the sedation and tubing he has going on. We also started back with his OT and doing his bed exercises. It must feel good to move around more...I remember how stiff I felt on bed rest in the hospital and that was just three weeks. Yikes.

He is doing so much better, well besides the fact that he still is breathing 100 breaths a minute! Geez Max! We are hoping, hoping, HOPING that the surgery makes a big difference in his breathing, but if not, the doctors and I discussed again today the probable need for a trachestomy. I am up for anything that will help Maxwell grow, develop, be happy and healthy...and COME HOME!!! A trach will certainly be difficult in many ways, but I will do what we must do.

*I posted earlier about a wonderful story...definitely read...too cute!!!


Drew said...


Amy, I can't tell you how great it is to read the positive news. It's so good to read about you enjoying some nice snuggle time with Maxwell. You both deserve it!

And, what a sweet, sweet story from your previous post. You need to give a better warning on those stories, so I can shut my office door...nothing worse than people walking by when I'm starting to tear up! ;-)

Keep it up Maxwell!

Ruthie said...

That was wonderful news to read! I think keeping Max in the dark about stuff might just be the answer! I loved the story also. You both are so truly loved and its awesome to hear stories like that. Hoping that there will continue to be only good news!

rebecca said...

It warms my heart to hear you and Max had some snuggle time. I am so, so, so happy for you guys. I will do a little "keep the bugs at bay" dance so Maxwell will stay healthy so he can have his surgery next week. Just shut your eyes and imagine me dancing around, arms flailing about, if nothing else it should bring a smile to your face.