Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Max had his EEG (to test for possible seizures) on Tuesday, and the process went fairly smoothly. He wasn't very happy with all the preparation for the test...lots of work to get the 25 probes attached to his head and he was very insistent on pulling them off. (The appointment was over three hours long!) Plus he was a lil' cranky because he was so tired, which was our plan so that he would sleep for the EEG. (I did lots of therapy and play with him beforehand to wear him out!) Any issues with the brain processing tend to be easier to spot during sleep. There were lots and lots of sad/annoyed tears, but fortunately our plan worked and he feel asleep near the end of the preparation just in time for the test.

We are supposed to have results by the end of this week or beginning of next. The neurologist will then either bring us back in for another appointment or review the results with Max's PCP.

Later that day Maxwell had an OT appointment. He is having a difficult time holding his head up. He will try but after a second or two, he gets very tired and practically collapses. So we are trying every different method, toy, therapy device available to help him.

Well, we found a toy that would actually hold his interest and keep his head up for a few seconds...MY CAMERA! I was going to take a picture of him but then he reached out for it and was very interested. So I just let him have it and put his finger on the button and out came these photos. Do we have a photographer in the making or what??? These are some of my absolute favorite photos of all time!!! :)

And as an added bonus, his wonderful therapist (we think you are great Eileen!) was very happy that he was able to hold his head (with her assistance) and reach for something at the same time.


elle said...

wow thosse pics r bbetter than any i could take i get my friends mobile phone camera its in her mobile phone the thing and ill take a pic and it well be my chin or soemthign LOL hope there r good results

elle said...

acutraly think we should make a charger gallery of pics that people with charge take of themselves i could made sevie give me all the ones of me of her mob hmmmmmm wat do you reckon of that lol

ang said...

great incentive max..Wouldn't that be cool for an auction. chargers taking self portraits.

shannonc said...

First time Ive been promted to comment, although I have been an avid reader here since taking part in the Mighty Max Benefit and learing more about CHARGE. LOVE THE self portraits!!

Thank You for sharing your stories and allowing me to start the day with a smile.

shannonc said...

First time Ive been prompted to comment, although Ive been following the BLOG since taking part in the Might Max benefit crop I was moved by the entire experience. LOVE the SELF PORTRAITS THE BEST.

Thank you for sharing and letting me start each day with a smile after looking at that adorable son of yours!!!

shannonc said...


Ruthie said...

Max you are a superstar!! Already taking control of the photo shoot!
You go Max!

Steph said...

LOVE the self-portraits Maxwell!!!