Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Just got home from the EEG and we have about an hour before Max's occupational therapy appointment. So before Max grabbed a quick nap, he asked that I post some of his fun photos from this weekend...before his latest "spell."

Yes those are shadows on my face...the sun is out in Bellingham, the sun is out! YAY! Thankfully Mom remembered my hat...that sun is beautiful and feels great, but I need to protect my eye!

Look at me having a little picnic while Mommy does some yard work! Life just doesn't get any better than this...relaxing in the sunshine, getting a little lunch, and playing all at the same time!

Mommy, I love that you love me so much...but really, are we outside for a photo shoot or for yardwork??? :)

Grammy Suzanne does such a good job helping me learn how to eat! We had lots of fun and I have made some great progress.

Mommy and me at church! I love playing with her hair and touching her face!!! :) And notice my hearing aide? I'm doing much better about wearing it! It helps me hear the beautiful church songs!

After all that "sitting still" in church, I wanted to roll around and play when we got home...how cute am I???

While Aunt Eliz ran inside the store, Mommy used this opportunity to take some photos! That's my cousin Thomas sleeping beside me.

Am I ham or what???


Dylan (and Kristy) said...

What great pictures! I love the hat and can understand why it would be hard to get any yardwork done!

You are such a cutie Max!!!


Kristy, Ray, and Dylan

Anonymous said...

My favorite photo of all time Max is the last photo is this post.That beautiful smile of yours. I look into your eyes and I see a young man with an old sole who's just waiting to say so much to the world. That photo really makes my heart melt. You are gonna knock the ladies dead Max. Mom's gonna have to keep an eye on you kiddo.

Kirstin said...

Great Picture! He is full of so much life! Keep up the good work my friend...Love,Kirstin

elle said...

wow donno how you do any work witht aht cutty yum LOL

Ruthie said...

The pictures are great. What I see in the future is you inventing something that will hold your camera and take pictures whenever you want so that necessary stuff like yard work, housework, and errands don't ever get in the way again! Love them!
Take care-

rebecca said...

Its amazing what love can do. He is so beautiful! I hope he is feeling better.


Anonymous said...

I just happened upon your blog today, and wanted to delurk and tell you what a beautiful boy Max is.