Friday, April 28, 2006


I have never been sooo thrilled to see poop before! :) Max has been having such severe gas pains and little "movement" that this morning I was talking with him (yes I know it sounds weird, but hey it worked) about the need for him to go "poopy" and within the hour, he did! Thanks Max! And funny enough, look at the shirt he has perfect!

It's a hand me down onesie that I bought for Thomas. It came in a little Chinese take out box and had this fortune on it: "A surprise will appear in my pants." :)
This one I took right when I was changing his diaper and it was soon as I brought out the camera, he smiled!!! How in the world does a "severely developmentally delayed" (according to his medical team) 10 month old baby know to smile for a camera??? TOO CUTE! :)

"Mom, enough already...all I did was go poopy! Well, I guess I'm glad you didn't take a photo of the actual diaper!!!"


rebecca said...

Only a mother knows the joy when you see poop! There has been many happy poop dances at our house over the past few years. Who would of thought we would be looking at, discussing and celebrating such a thing. You gotta love being a mom.

Keep it coming Max.


ang said...

As I'm reading this I get the visual of the movie "look who's talking too" when Kirstie Alley and John Travolta are dancing around the room because little one went in the toilet..

Raising Camera to Maxwell..Job Well Done and many more returns!!

21 camera Salute!!

elle said...

LOL all chargers are labled as developmentaly delayed we arent look at me i was labled that but i wastn and am not really i am a bit oki will obsess over my friends tahts called ocds not delay but yes i do do things that a normal almost 21 year old wouldnt do like tell people out loud taht i have a period so of course he would know when the cameras coming coz if you read the stats on charge nto everyone is developmentaly delayed:P love the poops maybe that was his prob i find i will get a real bad tum and if i dotn poo quickly enough i will reflux

Ruthie said...

Love the middle picture! He looks so happy and satisfied with his self. Yes, I do believe that poop at any developmental level is monumentous. And in Max's case he proves that perhaps he is at a higher level than the docs think!
Go Max, go!

Steph said...

Adorable pics...makes me miss him even more! And Drew likes to celebrate when he has "movement" so I can relate in some small way!