Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Well I think we can rule out Sumo wrestling for Max's choices of professions.

Another issue that came out of yesterday's doctor's appointment is Max's lack of weight gain. He has not gained (and has actually lost a few ounces) for over a month! This is incredibly frustrating because I have been working with both the PCP and pulmonary nutritionist and we have kept very close tabs on his feeds. This can be a major issue with CHARGE.

Max's doctor didn't seem overly worried at first, but he was a bit concerned once I had him look through the file and pointed out the trend. So we are increasing his feeds, but I have been doing that so religiously that I am wondering if there is something else going on. He does breathe fast and he is much more active recently...so these both burn a lot of calories. And there was mention before from the endocrinologist about a possible growth hormone deficiency.

I am talking with the nutritionist again this morning to get her feel on the situation...we'll see.
Max may always be a small guy, but he sure is mighty!!!


Rixmanns said...

Praying for you both, Amy. We'll be in touch later in the week.

kathryn biel said...

So Sumo is out. He could be a great jockey (just think of how good horseback riding is for balance and head control!). Sorry to hear about the difficult time, and I hope things turn around quickly.


elle said...

mighty max ive ahd wieght probs to amy its a touch and go yes have you tried any other feeds with higher calories adding vitiamins and stuff like that thats wat we do after discovering that my formular that wors doestn have muh in it LOL and now im gaining so much that the doctors are worried bout reflux worsening

Ruthie said...

I wouldn't rule anything out when it comes to Max. The only thing he has proved consistently is that he likes to do things his way. And by all means if he wants to sumo wrestle then he will sumo wrestle!!!
Take care-