Sunday, June 11, 2006


Maxwell's Godparents are Elizabeth and Jim (my sister and brother in law) and my brother David. Thomas's Godparents are Stephanie, Meredith and Bennett.

Maxwell handled the baptism very calmly. And there were many "oohs and aahs" when he so tenderly reached for the minister's face after he was baptized. So sweet!
So proud of lil' miracle guy!


Anonymous said...

Blessed Be. Congratulations Maxwell

Drew said...

Great pics! Miss you guys.


cheryl mezzetti said...

Wonderful photos and beautiful pics.


Lisa W. said...

You both are so beautiful.
Stay strong.

elle said...


DuPont High School Class of 1999 said...

I will keep you and your son in my prayers. I am saddened to see that your ex and his attorney are using your update blog for Max as ammunition against you. I will keep them in my prayers also! You are doing a wonderful job with that little fella, don't let anyone make you think otherwise.

Steph said...

The last one of you and Max is AMAZING!

Dylan (and Kristy) said...

What great pictures Amy and Max! I particularly loved the last one! You both look so beautiful.

Congratulations and Welcome Home.

Kristy, Ray, and Dylan

Mary Karr said...


We enjoyed Max’s birthday party very much. I loved holding him. I was so excited when he went to sleep while I was holding him. It was amazing that he slept so long even though I needed to ask you for help several times. I loved watching him smile when he would see you get the camera. He is happy when he has identified where you are. He adores your dad too. Max gives him his full attention when he’s around. He likes the male attention.

The attorney for Maxwell’s dad needs to consider bad karma. What a terrible career – spending his time trying to deprive a helpless, sick baby of medical care even though neither he nor Max’s dad has ever held him and both are clueless of his needs. Such a disappointment!

Thank you for inviting us to spend Max’s special day with him.


Moriah (zandysmom) said...

What fabulous pics Amy!!! You are so pretty, it's easy to see where Mr. Max gets his smashing good looks!

I'm going to email you some ideas on the other front, maybe I can be of some help.

Diane said...

Vic sure doesn't know what he is losing, does he? A beautiful wife and son, but yet he still has no feelings. What goes around comes around and can't wait until he gets slapped in the face. JERK IS ALL I CAN SAY ABOUT HIM!!!!

Keep up the good work Amy. You are a wonderful person and the best mom there possible could be. What a hard job you have, but you don't complain. You are what keeps Max going.

Diane from WV