Monday, June 12, 2006


Here are just a few highlights from my trip to WV...more to come!!!
Silly Mommy! But I must admit I do enjoy her funny songs and games! :)

Grandma Mary, you are awesome! :) I so loved our special time together! And I know you are trying very hard to get my attention with that party toy, but I am NOT giving up my new dragon!!!
I absolutely LOVE Papa and especially his mustache!

Cuddling with Stephanie (one of my absolute favorite people in the world) is sooo wonderful! She is going to be such a wonderful mommy...Mommy and I are VERY excited for you and Drew! :) Oh and look again who I have in my new favorite toy courtesy of Aunt Meredith!

Here's my crazy Uncle David making me work! C'mon David, give a kid a break. It takes a lot of energy to hold my head up AND reach for the toys! (But Mommy actually said it is "good therapy" and she always makes me work hard too!!!) Thanks Uncle David for the extra "therapy" and for being my Godparent! AND I soooo love your little boy Davey...he's fun!


elle said...

sooooooo cute

Steph said...

Love the pics of Max interacting with everyone! I miss him!!!! It was such a great birthday party...thanks so much for including us in Max's special day.