Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I didn't think it was possible to love Mighty Maxwell anymore...but these past few days I feel like my heart might just burst! How amazing is this lil' man??? (Didn't you just want to eat him up in that picture of him in the Bumbo seat?)

These past few days I have been caught several times totally kissing all over him in public. Yesterday we were waiting for a prescription refill at the pharmacy and several people were commenting..."hmm, someone loves their baby!" (Then once they saw the oxygen we engaged in a 20 minute discussion on CHARGE, etc. I love educating the public about his disorder...the more information the better.) Then we were getting our tire fixed, and once again I was kissing him and telling him how gorgeous he is, how much I love him, etc...and sure enough, I was busted again! What is funny is that I make sure to talk extra loud for Max so that he hears me, but I forget that in public that means everyone else can hear me too!!! A little embarrassing, but who cares!!! :) He deserves all the attention in the world!

He has been smiling for me and giggling (a silent giggle, but I hear it just fine!) when I tickle his sides...and we just laugh and laugh. He works sooooo hard for the tiniest of milestones, but what a victorious feeling it is when that milestone is reached! Despite a disappointing PT session on Monday (Max was showing our PT how much he simply despises tummy time and insisting on being his "floppy" self), we have had two wonderful sessions at home today. He was really trying this morning and I was very satisfied with his progress. I am sooooooo excited about him being able to sit up someday. What fun it will be!!!

Yep, that's all I wanted to say...just wanted to brag about my beautiful baby. His cuteness, determination and "uniqueness" is simply amazing! :)

Gotta go...I think someone needs to be reminded how gorgeous, terrific, handsome, perfect, incredible he is!!! And he most certainly needs some kisses...you can never have enough mommy love! :)


T Moss said...

Hi Amy and Max - I really enjoy reading about Max's progress and all the love he brings and gets from you. I am touched by your strength and your attitude - it cannot be easy, yet your story is so positive and upbeat, it lifts my spirits. You are a source of encouragement to me - when I think life's tough, I think of you and Max and your wonderful outlook on life and it cheers me up. So thank you for sharing your story - I can hardly wait for the next post. Love and Prayers,

elle said...

cant get any cuter and i always say it dont i lol

elle said...

cant get any cuter and i always say it dont i lol

kathryn biel said...

Enjoy each and every gain--you both have worked so hard for it!! Loved the bummbo seat picture!