Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Today a wonderful new friend, Lori and her adorable three daughters, came over to help plan Maxwell's birthday party! How sweet is that! We are taking off on the "funky monkey" theme! Thanks Lori and gang!!! I am so excited...and once Max woke up, he was excited too!

If you have not yet received an invite but would like to come to Max's party, please send me an email amysmckinley@aol.com. I might not have your address and that is why you haven't received an invite. :)

The party is Saturday, June 24th from 2 - 4 p.m. Look forward to seeing you all there!!! I cannot believe he is going to be a year old! WOW!


elle said...

have fun and we need picx from the toher one

Cedie L Mock said...

Have lots of fun! Wish Cedie and I could be there!

Off Route 75 said...

Your son is beautiful! Just keep praying about all of the challenging times ahead....you're in our prayers!