Sunday, June 11, 2006


We arrived back in Bellingham on Friday and are enjoying the comforts of sweet home...especially seeing our dogs, Barney & Shakespeare AND the mild, non humid weather of the Pacific NW! :)

However, we were sad to say goodbye to family and friends, and I will definitely miss Grandma Mary's help with Maxwell! She was great with helping comfort him, prepare his feeds, medications, monitor his oxygen, etc...certainly helps to have an ICU nurse in the family! A special thank you too to Dad "Papa" for all of your help with the hearing. It was so wonderful to have you there with me that day providing that needed encouragement and strength. Thank you for everything.

And Max and I are quite bummed that we had to cancel some of our plans for this weekend with friends in Charleston...I would have loved for you to have spent more time with Mighty Max. I promise we will find a way in the near future!!!

Our original plan was to stay until early next week but over the past week, Max was doing some odd things with his breathing. It was quite labored and despite multiple attempts at suctioning and various inhalers, it continued...periodically during the day and night. So I thought it was best to bring him home and have him close to his doctors in case something were to worsen. Then in the past few days he started to have issues with his feeds (vomiting, diarrhea) so I think we made the right choice.

The little bugger is still on east coast time, which is a little annoying! He was up at 4 am this morning ready to go! So yet another night of mommy only getting about three hours of sleep...he doesn't seem to get this notion of me needing sleep too!!! :)

I will try and post birthday photos today! I have received multiple requests....sorry for the delay! :) We have LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of photos!!! :) I will have to choose a few favorites!

*On a different note, I'm not sure what to do about the blog during the remainder of this divorce. I would like to believe my soon to be ex and his attorney visit this blog and other CHARGE sites to truly get to know Maxwell and learn about CHARGE and Max's specific challenges so that we can work together and find a solution best for our baby. However, last week I learned that definitely is not the case. They are doing so for ulterior motives and that is unfortunate...and quite frankly, that really irritates me. Feels like such an intrusion into our personal space.

It's strange to think that I started this blog last year to simply keep a few friends and family members updated...who would have thought so many people around the world would tune in to Max's story and that this blog would become such an "issue" in our hearing! The power of the internet is unbelievable.

And to the CHARGE families, I posted on the list serv what the attorney said to me...I think you will be just as offended as I was/am and understand what we are up against in this hearing. His ignorant words will not be forgotten anytime soon.

But we'll see. If I do decide to not post until after the divorce hearing, feel free to contact me directly! I definitely want to keep anyone updated who is interested! :)


Diane said...

I sure will miss hearing about sweet Max. Maybe you can just post pictures from time to time or something. I love reading about him. Hope you don't have to stop posting.

Diane in WV

Drew said...

Hey Amy,

I can certainly understand why you may want to stop posting. It's awful to think that good news about Max having a good day or something like that could ultimately be used against you. What a jacksass...maybe if he took the time to get to know his son (or even as much as hold him), he'd understand. There I go again, expecting human emotions out of this low-life when it's clear there aren't any.

At any rate, you'll certainly cause a lot of us to change our daily routines, if you stop posting! ;-)

I'm glad you're home safely.


Lisa W. said...

There are many people who are interested and rooting for both you & Max, Amy. Wishing you much Love and Support from Canada...

Oh and by the way, regarding the IGNORANT (both literal and figurative) comment by the attorney:
My 8 yr old child with CHARGE IS doing very want to know WHY? Because "I" stayed home with her for all the years before she went to school and did all the therapies non-stop, took her to all the appointments and did everything in my power to ensure that she developed to her fullest human potential. Think she would've gotten that same attention, etc in childcare? NOT!
Don't give up the are doing the best thing possible for Max.

elle said...

id miss you if u did that maybe u should beet him up LOL

Steph said...

Well, Vic Sprouse hired someone just like him to represent him in court! Disgusting losers stick together. The lawyer's comment was so ridiculous and appauling...he should be ashamed of himself.

I'm keeping the faith that the judge sees everything for what it is.

So great to see you and Max...


Sarah said...

I've not posted before, but I have followed your journey through this blog for about the last 6 months or so.

I admire you so much for everything you go through each and every day. The plight of a single mother is difficult enough, but to have a child with very special needs on top of that? You deserve an award!

As far as Vic goes? Well, I've always gotten an uncomfortable vibe from him, but to know the crap he is trying to pull now just seals it. What a disgrace! What a poor excuse for a father, not to mention a husband!

Hang in there and although I understand your reasoning for not posting until this is all over, I will certainly miss the updates.

Much love and prayers!
Sarah in WV