Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Hey Mommy, can you help me out here?

Seriously Mom, I'm stuck me out!

Ok fine, I'm just going to head to bed. Wait these wires come with me?

Night after night, day after day...these crazy wires follow me everywhere! What's a boy to do??? :)


ang said...

All tangled up and no place to go makes Maxwell a frustrated little boy. Maxwell we need to color your wires to make them look like Jungle Vines to hang your Monkey's on.

Love you little "MONKEY"


Dylan (and Kristy) said...

I agree with Ang. We need to color your wires so you can be surrounded by Jungle Vines! Very cute idea.

What great pictures of Max. He looks alot better and I can't get over how big he is getting! Look at that belly! Dylan has a little competition! Add in all that hair and it is a recipe for irresistable!

Love, Kristy

MarkCoyle said...

I am glad you allow postings here Amy.I tried to leave one on Vic's self-serving blog, but he refused to put it up. Chicken!

Lori said...

Max, get with the program.... Don't you know about the "wireless" revolution!!?!! :~)
love, Lori

anonymous said...

Oops, there went your freedom of speech, Mark Coyle. I never thought that he would censor his pitiful ego blog. I can never think down to his level. Now I understand the lack of comments.

elle said...

hes toooo cute ay liek that new thing up the top

elle said...

hes toooo cute ay liek that new thing up the top

Mark and Jaye said...

If you read Vics blog it says he will respond to any bashing etc..but when I tried to post something (and my post wasn't hateful...just honest!) it didn't make it up either....huh..guess the big man can't take it! lolol

Heather said...

Hey Max, Don't they have WiFi for all those cords? Silly doctors, don't they know you're a growin' boy with things to do and people to see (not them!)?
Hey mama, we all know the world of top ramen, Domino's, and drive-thru. Maybe educated women make great moms because we know we can live on a frat house diet!
PS I'm here to read about Max, lets keep the comments to the topics at hand, and not fuel the fire. Thanks! (although I think it's Ok for AMY to vent here) she knows we all think.

MarkCoyle said...

Vic's basically a coward. Think about it. Most men who pick on women are.

I challenged Vic to deal with me mano e mano instead of running to my boss at work to complain about me, and he hasnt answered my challenge.

He's a big baby. Put a diaper on him!

anonymous said...

The "big man" talks the talk but doesn't walk the walk. I love his lame blog today where he comments that West Virginia's governor might “bam” him right square in the chest. So many people want to "bam" him that even the Governor would need to wait in line.

His blog is the most preposterous piece of trash I have seen from an elected official.

elle said...

heather i agree with you about what you said about him this is about max not about vic and if you read my comment to my lastpost about the hearing i did say that he is not worth writing about in m;y opinion someone who doestn care bout there family arent worth thinking about and ill jsut say this now if it wastn for him and his stupid hearing many people wouldnt of got to see max so they shoudl b thankful LOL