Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A pizza a day keeps the doctors away!!! :)

Ok, this has pretty much nothing to do with Maxwell, but I just had to share. Perhaps other crazy busy moms (especially ones with "high maintenance" kiddos!) can relate and get a good chuckle! :)

I have realized recently that my diet resembles more of a college frat boy than a 33 year old mother! Yikes! But when you always eat on the go and your child doesn't eat (orally that is), you don't really have time or the motivation to make a meal and then actually sit down and eat it. Quite a novelty that would be! :)

Actually as I write this I am eating my 5th bowl of Captain Crunch today! I am smiling because I am almost too embarrassed to admit it! But I also must admit...I think this cereal is quite yummy! (and really cheap when on sale!!!) My other meals today consisted of frozen pizza (also on sale!). I seriously cannot remember the last time a vegetable entered my body...hmm, I'll have to think about that one. Wait, I believe there were peppers on the pizza, that counts right???

I guess if there is one good thing about Max having a is this. He won't emulate my new silly eating patterns! I am hoping that within a few years, Max will be able (HOPEFULLY) to eat orally, so I better not make this carb/pizza diet much of a habit! Bring on the fruit and veggies...well someday!


Anonymous said...

LOL...Amy...I can identify..But confession here. This week the only vegitables we've had is the tomato sauce and mushrooms on our pizza. Hang in there girl..Fix yourself a nice big caesar, cobb, or spinach salad and enjoy..We could always make carrot juice for maxwell and give it to him via g-tube..just kidding..the kiddo would turn

love to you this day

rebecca said...

Amy, you make me laugh. Look on the bright side, your diet works for you - you look GREAT!!!! Wish I could look that good eating pizza everyday!


PS - love the picture thing in the top right corner.

Lori said...

Just wait until Max DOES start eating some day, and you ask, "What would you like for breakfast?", and he replies, "A popsicle!"... and you actully LET HIM have a POPSICLE for BREAKFAST! That's when you've really hit the apex of parenting.... Until then, you and "the Captain" can have a guilt-free relationship!

Moriah (zandysmom) said...

LOL You still look great though, I on the other hand gained 75 pounds on the stress diet of Alex's 1st 3 years.

MarkCoyle said...

Yes Amy you look wonderful. It is unbelievable to me how Vic could have screwed over and left such an incredibly beautiful woman, as you. INSIDE and OUTSIDE!

elle said...

LOL you need it go for chocks to speiclay on tues coz they give u engery yummmm

Dylan (and Kristy) said...


You look darn good for a pizza a day. I've actually been TRYING to keep things in check during my pregnancy and..well.....

Let me know if I can make you a dinner. Ray is on swings right now so my dinners are exciting as well. It would be fun to actually eat a meal with another adult. Dylan and I would love to have you over (or if more convenient, we can come to you!)

You didn't mention what kind of pizza is your favorite? Mine, anything with extra cheese, hold the anchovies.

Kristy (and Dylan)