Monday, July 10, 2006


Tomorrow we are having a care conference among our medical team, developmental specialists and various organizations. We will discuss the current medical and developmental status of Maxwell, financial issues, and plan for the future. I have a lot of confidence in Maxwell's team and look forward to what we come up with to help MIGHTY MAX!!! :)


Heather said...

Here's hoping the meeting is productive and informative. I'm sure you'll be able to breathe a little easier with a plan for the future set out! Love the sleepy pictures... too cute!

elle said...

hmmmmmm and see if they can help with other stuff to u no wat mean

MarkCoyle said...

Good luck at the CARE Conference Amy!

Diane said...

This is the cutest and sweetest little boy I have ever laid eyes on. What a cutie. I want to just hold him and hug him so much.

Vic eat your heart out - Max is so much better off without you. JERK. You will be job hunting soon, so wipe the smile off your face. You had it all. A beautiful, wonderful wife and a son that no one can keep their eyes off of. He may have special needs, but he is special in every way possible. How can a parent give up such love????


Ruthie said...

Keep those docs and techs on their toes for sweet little Max! All of us know that Max wouldn't be doing this great if it wasn't for all your hard work and of course persistence.
Take care-