Monday, July 10, 2006


Even when I am sleeping, Mommy is amazed with my beauty and charm! Thought we'd share a few favorites from this past week...enjoy! :)

All this exercise wears out a lil' guy!

My first sports jersey...thanks Aunt Lisa!

Oh and notice my cannula? I think the forehead is a great place for receiving oxygen, don't you?

Just love snuggling like this! Plus my mommy can't give me any inhalers this way! :)

Behind bars again...brings back memories from last year!


Rixmanns said...

wonderful pics Amy. I'm always excited to see new pics of your boy. He's looking so strong, despite the wretched cords. Praying he'll soon be feeling his best and keep amazing those doctors.
thanks for all the updates!

Lori said...

Yes, I think that Max is definitely becoming a feisty guy--keep fighting, little man!
the Mellos

Anonymous said...

Oh what wonderful photos...he looks very comfortable sleeping. I just love that looks soft as silk.

elle said...

hmmmm i say it everytiem dotn i cant get cuter ud be rich enough to pay all his expecnces if you got payed for te amount of times i said that amy

MarkCoyle said...


Maxwell is a gem. You are so fortunate. Remember what I told you the other day. Forget Vic. A tiger is a tiger. He wont change his stripes; not for you, not for Maxwell not for this latest bimbo he has wooed over.

Just trust in your lawyer and take the guy to the cleaners so you and Maxwell are provided for. Focus your time, energy and efforts on the REAL MAN in your life, that 13 month old Miracle Man, Maxwell. You've done a great job so far and you will continue to do a great job! He is VERY lucky to have you.

Steph said...

Amazing pics! He's so huggable!

Hope the care conference goes well.


p.s. Love the message from Mark.

Off Route 75 said...

He's so beautiful! Isn't it amazing how peaceful babies look when they're sleeping? Our ten month old always looks so sweet....then he gets up and raises the roof! LOL.

Mary Karr said...

Wonderful pictures. I love pictures of Maxwell. You always have such bright, happy colors around him. When I saw the white sheets I was surprised then my senior moment passed and I realized you had taken that picture in the hospital.

Hope the conference goes well today.

Love, Mary

MarkCoyle said...

Hi Mary. How is Kitty doing? Is she married? kids?

Mary Karr said...

Hi Mark - Hope Maxwell doesn't mind sharing his space with Kitty:-). Kitty is fine. She is still in CA. Still lives at the same address - seven years now. No husband - no children. Thanks for asking. Hope all is well with you. Mary

MarkCoyle said...

What a delightful person Kitty is. I cant believe someone hasnt married her yet.

I have a four year old and live here in Virginia. I am a devoted father and had to fight like heck in my divorce case just to get my kid every weekend.

It blows my mind, therefore, to see a guy like Vic who hasnt a care in the world for his own son, who unlike my daughter, has a serious illness.

Ironically, and perhaps sadly, Vic is taken credit on his website for Maxwell. I heard that Vic said Amy had an ego. That's got to be a joke. Just take a look at Vic's website some time!!

Warning, you might get nauseous when you see his cheesy face pop up on your screen. At least he doesnt have that godawful mustache. Amy did him a favor by telling him to shave it off.

anonymous said...

Take a look at website This is who the man who has never held his 13 month old son pretends to be. Thousands ask about Max daily yet his own father never asks about him. How does this blend with his republican pro life principles? Does he not understand that Max is as much his as Amy's? He should bow down and kiss her feet for taking such good care of his son. He reminds me of the African tribes which put their young out in the wilderness for wild dogs to eat.

Dylan (and Kristy) said...

Hi Amy and Max!

What great pitures. Don't you just want to scoop him up when he looks so peaceful and kiss him!

Hope all went well with the care conference.

Kristy, Ray, and Dylan

MarkCoyle said...


Welcome to politics! It wouldnt be the first time we had a hypocrite for a politican, although in all my years helping candidates, I have to say Vic is the most shameless.

I mean to run as a pro-family Senator and cheat on not one, not two, but three wives is pretty bad.

And I dont know how he thinks he is going to get re-elected when it is a campaign issue that he abandoned a three month pregnant wife for another woman.

It's sad that the best people are not in public office while some of the very worst are. WV is one of the poorest states in the nation and, I have found, it is largely because they elected dunces like Vic to elective office.

Off Route 75 said...

I wouldn't be too surprised if Sprouse announced this is his last term.

The Republican party in WV is moving to replace him as minority leader, but I don't know where that is right now. I do know I'm a republican and I don't want him representing me.

It's funny his site is called Hopefully, the change will begin with him out of office!

Ruthie said...

Okay after all that lets focus on the wonderful, beautiful little boy that dear sweet Amy has taken pictures of, shall we?

Max you are adorable!! Too cute!
Amy its a wonder you are able to do anything but squeeze him and kiss him. Thanks for sharing yet more precious moments of Max! :)

Take care-

anonymous said...

Because of Sprouse's lack of care and support of the mother and son we want him brought down. Amy and Max need to be protected from this looser.

Mary Karr said...

Hi Amy -

The Photo Flick Fave is wonderful! Thank you. I love seeing pictures of Maxwell. I want so much to kiss his little face. You are a wonderful mother.

Love, Mary

elle said...

and ruthie i agree with you lets just focus on max and amy not the sutpid oen ok we can pray that he gives them good results at the hearing coz i will and all the chargers will i no but thats the extent my thinking will b going LOL