Sunday, July 09, 2006


Well Mr. Max had quite the interesting evening! He beat his personal record with all new heartrate lows. At one time, I think my own heart stopped when I watched his numbers dropping, dropping, dropping...I quickly shook him and yelled. But at the same time his numbers were already popping back up. He only did the "truly scary" low level once. The others were really low but not scary, because we've seen them before. But let me tell you, I was sooooo happy we had a nurse last night because if not, I definitely would not have slept a wink!

This went on for several hours and was simply confusing. I am going to put a call into the doctor's office, but I didn't find it warranted an ER visit last night. This is what Max "does" from time to time (ok, this was lower than usual!). When I talked with the cardiologist on this issue previously, he said what is most important is that his oxgyen saturation is maintained during the bradycardic episodes and that he is acting "normal" during the daytime. The only change last night though was the level of the new "low" and the fact that he was having a difficult time keeping his O2 sats up. However we think that is more related to his current lung condition, not related to his heart. Ok have I confused everyone enough already???

So the bottom line is that I am not overly worried right now, but I am definitely racking my brain for answers! He is one confusing lil' baby!


Ruthie said...

Max's to do list:
1) look adorable
2) get mommy to give me hugs and kisses
3) play with Barney & Shakespeare
4) change my breathing and heartrate just enough to drive mommy crazy.

I think he has accomplished his list!!

elle said...

LOL godo one he is confusing all us chargers r