Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Another beautiful but absolutely freezing snow day in Bellingham... www.bellinghamherald.com

The temperature this morning was only nine degrees...yikes! Unfortunately these low temps are creating major ice issues for our area. We are definitely not venturing outside anytime soon. More therapy appointments cancelled for today but we are making up for it indoors. Playing lots of "la la la" and "pat a cake" (thanks Jeremy for the idea!) and "where's the dog" games.

Off to try more standing at the glass door. At least Max can admire the snow from indoors (and work on his leg strength at the same time)!


RebeccaA said...

We're not as snowed in, but enjoying our day off from school just the same. Beautiful picture!
Cameron and Nathan's mom

Diane said...

Oh, send some of that snow my way. I want to build a fire in the fireplace so bad, but it is so warm in WV. I am going to move. HA!! Have fun and stay warm.

MarkCoyle said...

No snow here in the Nation's Capital. 63 degrees and sunny. Stay warm Amy and Mighty Max!

Anonymous said...

I can feel the cold looking at your picture and only feel it more because I know of the Frasier Valley Arctic Cold Blasts are like. Please stay warm and dry. IF I lived closer I'd run supplies to ya. Please stay safe.

Mark and Jaye said...

Looks the same out my windows too Amy! Here in Seabeck (Silverdale) it is nothing but an ice rink!
Stay warm and safe and have fun with all your games!

CrystalandEva said...

We should have snow on Friday so thanks for sending it this way!! LOL!

Diane said...

Oh, you are so adorable. I am going to get through this computer and pinch those adorable cheeks. Could you get any cuter - NO!!

Diane and Alex

elle said...

wow love the snow surprise the therapists with what you can do when they come