Monday, November 27, 2006


In our house, you hear these questions over and over again...and again and again...oh and yes, again! I have been trying to work with Maxwell on identifying objects and with his hearing loss and developmental delay, it has been a work in progress!

Well I think he is pretty darn close to knowing both. So exciting! One night he will totally get it but then the next morning he will need reminders. But that's ok...every day he answers more and more correctly.

His speech therapist was very impressed last week. She said she was even more impressed that he could tell I was asking him a question and he was trying to answer it every time. He might not always have the right answer but cognitively he is "getting it" about questions and answers.

For the past few weeks he would look at the correct answer (me or Shakespeare), but I have taken it a step further recently with encouraging him to touch the correct answer as well.

Last night he was so excited to answer the "where's momma" question correctly that he would throw his arms around me! It was such a fun and loving moment...I was thrilled! (But then this morning he patted the dog when I asked him the same question!)

Practice makes perfect! :) I love this progress!!!


Anonymous said...

Maybe he meant his second momma when he hugged shakespeare? Ok big stretch..but I'm so happy he's working on this.

elle said...

LOL love that hugs to you to from ur big charger amy love you heaps

CrystalandEva said...

So sweet!! That sounds like a great game and maybe I should try it with Eva.