Thursday, November 30, 2006


What a night, what a night.

Maxwell was crying and vomiting all night and most of the morning. And even now he still is not himself...lots of whimpering off and on.

Not sure what is going on with him. All week he has been having a difficult time sleeping peacefully. He is really congested and coughing a lot...that usually leads to waking up, gagging and then vomiting...and more vomiting.

Then if I do manage to get him back to sleep, I try and put his oxygen and oximeter probe back on him and he wakes him and the cycle starts all over again. No one wants to wake a sleeping baby, but it is necessary when your kiddo requires O2 and monitoring. That part is so frustrating! Last night I pretty much passed out for about an hour after I got him to sleep after one of his vomiting episodes. When I woke up, I realized I had forgotten to put his probe back on. I felt terrible. But fortunately he did have plenty of O2 on and I think all was ok.

I can't seem to get him to keep anything down last night or this morning. The surgeon said removing his stomach contents when he starts to vomit is the best option to avoid him aspirating. (We are doing everything possible to avoid redoing the Nissen surgery.) So I have been doing A LOT of that the past few nights. But the trick is you need to get it back in, otherwise his electrolytes will be all off. This morning I tried to give him just one 10 ml syringe and he immediately vomited it back up. The past few days his room has been filled with random amounts of stomach content syringes. Gross, I know...but that's our world some days! :)

This morning nothing would ease his discomfort so I gave him a bath (also to remove the vomit odor from the lil' man!) and that helped for awhile. But sure enough, a few minutes later another vomit.

I'm going to take him to the doctor today, but I'm not sure what he can do for us at this point. I certainly don't want him in the hospital.

As soon as we get a call back from him (hopefully he can see Maxwell soon), we will venture on the roads for the first time in four days. My brother in law (thanks Jim) took care of my sidewalk and driveway yesterday, and now I am thawing out my car. (Over 18 inches!) I'm a little nervous about the ice on the roads, but I think it should be ok.

I am HOPING our nurse can make it tonight. It's been four nights of little sleep and I am craving some good ZZZ's.


CrystalandEva said...

AAWWW Poor Max and Mommy!!
I hope you both get some sleep tonight and dont get to upset about the prob and all we all have done it and he is fine.

Dylan (and Kristy) said...

Love you. Let me know if you need anything.


Anonymous said...

omg..Amy, I so wish we lived closer together. but I know that you are surrounded with loved ones and friends up there who are looking in on you. My heart goes out to both of you and I pray you get the answers you seek. (Sleep and vomit free)

Ruthie said...

I am so sorry that Max feels so bad. Hopefully you guys can get some help today and answers and then tonight have a good long sleep!
Take care-

Momof2 said...

I'm sending get well and good sleep vibes and prayers your way! Hope the doc has some answers.

Anonymous said...

Hope you get some answers on the vomiting and that Max is feeling better soon--and that you can get some sleep!