Sunday, November 26, 2006


What a beautiful, crazy day in Bellingham! We are completely covered in gorgeous, DEEP white snow! I believe the latest count is about 10-12 inches...that is A LOT for this area! It rarely snows here. Guess God wanted my first snowfall to be memorable! :)

This is the view earlier in the day from our front door.

My cousins came over to build a snowman and play in my backyard. Cousin Thomas LOVES the snow!

Me? Not so much. Ok, not at all.

I think it is safe to say our playgroup and therapy appointments will be cancelled tomorrow. Our nurse can't make it out tonight either. Hope Mommy has some fun activities planned for us at home!


RebeccaA said...

Wow! We just returned from Eastern Washington this evening where there was some snow (not as much as you have. Then we arrived home to 3-4 inches at our house north of Seattle.

Cameron wasn't crazy about snow when he was younger either - but now he doesn't mind walking in it because he can make footprints!
Nathan and Cameron's mom

Anonymous said...

I have anxiously checked your blog hourly awaiting you to post Max's first snowfall. Let's just say that the picture melted the snow here at my house and Max once again captured my heart. I love it. Hope he and Thomas had their first sno-ball fight.

Hugs and stay warm and dry

Anonymous said...

love the pictures, but maxwell doesn't look too happy to be sitting in the snow. I'm sure once he finds out how fun it can be he will love it. hope you night goes well with no nurse.

Momof2 said...

Max, I am from the South and I don't care for snow much either! In WV. it was 70 degrees yesterday - very unusual for this time of year.
Enjoy your "day off" today! :-)

Anonymous said...

Max your wonderful little guy. I love the view you have. Here in WV it is warm and sunny. I love the snow wish I could be there to share it with you guys. I am an old Curves memeber just in case you don't recognize the name. Later

Ruthie said...

I am so stinkin jealous of you guys! I love the snow and as the other commentors have said- it is in the 60's and 70's here in WV! Stay warm and enjoy the beauty of it all!

CrystalandEva said...

Max looks so cute in the snow!! That is weird that is snowed by you and its strangly warm here like 60 degrees.
Enjoy it max and hope you both stay warm!!
Crystal and Eva

carolyn said...

Oh Max, what a face you are making. I'm not real fond of the snow either. You and Mommy stay warm.
Hugs to both of you.

Diane said...

Wow, what a beautiful snow!!!! Lucky you, and how cute you look. I know, it was strange seeing that white stuff on the ground and falling from the sky, but oh, it is so much fun to play in. You will have plenty of time to figure that out. HA!! I would love to have that much snow. I am jealous. As others have said, it was in the 70s here in WV. Bummer.

Stay warm and enjoy your special time with mommy. Talk to you later.

Diane and Alex
Sunny WV

elle said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhhh soooooo cute can i come there its boiling here

Drew said...

What fun! I saw that there was snow North of Seattle and wondered if you guys got it. Looks pretty.