Sunday, October 09, 2005


Wow, Max is looking really, really good!!! :) Unbelievable really! AND I have very exciting news to report...he is OFF OXYGEN! His nasal cannula has been removed! This is the first time ever. One less attachment...YEA!!! :) He still has his occasional desat, but usually only when he is pooping, sleeping, or fussy. I am sooo impressed with my lil' guy! And actually still a little shocked! I hope this trend continues!

I am very excited for tomorrow morning's lab results. They draw his blood early Monday mornings (4 am...yikes!) and we hear the report a few hours later. This will tell us if his bicarb is going down. WE NEED IT TO GO DOWN BIG TIME! If it goes down, it will be a good sign that he is improving and that he does not need a trach. This is extremely important.

Please pray that Max has a successful surgery this week and he is quickly extabated afterwards and recovers quickly and easily too! Additionally, please pray that his body begins to release his carbon dioxide easier and the numbers come way down. I want him to come home soon!!! :) Barney and Shakespeare...along with the rest of Bellingham...are quite excited to meet the famous Mr. Maxwell! Shakespeare is getting his tongue all ready with lots and lots of kisses...anyone know how I can "Purell" my dogs???


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Steph said...

WOW -- what great news Amy!

So exciting to hear about Max's awesome progress...what a fantastic day for you both.

I will certainly pray that Max has a successful surgery...and that he goes home with you to Barney and Shakespeare as soon as possible.

Lots of love,

Suzanne Holman said...

It is so exciting to see Max become more and more responsive and enjoying life! This new development of not having the oxygen cannula is encouraging.
His nursery is really shaping up, waiting for his arrival home. He is such a precious little boy.

Dylan (and Kristy) said...

What great news! Congratulations Amy and Max.


Kristy, Ray, and Dylan

Sara B said...

Yeah! What great news, Amy! Keep it up Max...I can't wait to meet you!

love you both!

rebecca said...

All right Max!!!! I will send many, many, many prayers this week. I can't wait till you can come home!!!!!!!


alisen barlean said...

What awesome news! Max is such a trooper...the most amazing baby boy I've ever heard of! I cannot wait to meet you Max! Amy, stay incredible...not too hard, huh? My prayers are always with you and I love knowing what I need to focus on in our constant prayer for Max, thank you.
Lots of love,

Ruthie said...

Congratulations guys! That is wonderful! Don't worry about the sanitizer for Shakespeare and Barney, all their kisses will be full of good lovin' and healin'! Its all the people kisses that he will get when he comes home that you'll have to worry about. Take care and we hope to hear more great news.

Anara said...

YEA!!!!! Max is amazing... I am so happy to hear he's off oxygen. One more thing down, he's getting there Amy. BIG prayer's for Max's surgery this week, he will do wonderful and recover very fast!
I think the pruel thing with the dogs is out, sorry.. hahaha, you may want to try baggies... just a thought. I am looking forward to Max going home so you can send me lots more pictures... As always, my thoughts and prayer's are with you and Max. I love you two, bug hugs and kisses for Max. Anara

Meredith said...

What wonderful news!! Way to go, Max! We are sending extra love to you both.

Meredith and Davey

Sean and Renee said...

Congratulations Max!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We could not be more excited for you. You make your Mommy more and more proud of you with each passing day. Good luck on your surgery on Thursday...lots of love and prayers are with you.
The Harts