Friday, October 14, 2005


Just met with the pulmonologist and the doctors in the ICU...they are quite concerned with Max's rate of breathing. (Actually they said he is probably the "fastest breather" they have ever seen...not a good title to have.) They are hoping to extabate him in the next hour or so. He may very well fail and have to be reintubated. We should know this over the weekend. This will depend on his oxygen requirements, his carbon dioxide levels, and his rate of breathing. They will then give him 48 hours to rest and recuperate, but if he fails again...we will be seriously looking at a trachesotomy for Max. And if he has to have a trach, they will move up his open heart surgery. They want to do that surgery before they do the trach because of possible infection. The conversation was not an easy one to say the least. It was very disheartening and scary.

I understand that a trach can be wonderful for a baby...especially as we approach flu season, but there are so many associated issues as well. I'm just not ready to say I'm ok with that...such a big decision.

The attending ICU doctor was amazed that Maxwell is still growing despite his rate of breathing...that was definitely an issue today. When a baby breathes that fast, usually their growth is substantially compromised. Guess he enjoys mama's milk.

I am convinced he is not going to fail, but I could be wrong. He is a strong little guy, but he also has a lot of issues going on and who knows how this surgery impacted him.

Please keep sweet lil' Max in your prayers. We need him to be strong and beat the odds and surprise the doctors with how amazing he does.


ThomasAllen said...

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Anara said...

Oh my!!! This just goes from good to bad. It's a very good sign that Max is still growing, so we will focus of the positive. Max is strong enough to make it through what ever the doctor's feel is necessary. He has taken a lick'n and kept on tick'n so far and I'm sure he will continue in that fashion. I will keep right on praying and asking Heavenly Father to be with Max and you and see Max through all of this. He IS listening, I just know it.
Give Max big hugs and kisses for me, I love you two!!!! XOXOXO

Sara B said...

Oh Mr. just love keeping us all on our toes don't you? Did Elizabeth tell you what Jackson said at lunch yesterday Amy? Out of the blue Jackson explains that Max is going to count to 10 (he then proceded to count to ten) and then say 'Urprise (surprise!) everyone, i'm okay and I brought presents for Jackson' was so cute! Thinking about you and sending you lots of love and hugs!
PS Kristi Carter called right before boarding the plane in Miami so know you have people praying in Barbados for you guys! HOw cool is that?!?!

Steph said...

I can't imagine how scary that conversation was Amy. I'm sending Max lots of love and praying that extabation goes smoothly.

I really feel that, whatever route you take, Max will continue to flourish.

xoxo Steph