Wednesday, October 12, 2005


I hope everyone enjoys these super cute photos! (For a better look, you can double click the photo.) He is getting more and more adorable every day, and I want to share his beauty with the world!

Love from Max to all of you!

We are working on "tummy time" to strengthen Max's neck and upper body. This is very important for babies spending a lot of time in the hospital and also for babies with CHARGE, who tend to have weak upper body strength.

This photo was right after Max's first successful attempt on his tummy. Successful because he didn't cry and he did make a few attempts at lifting his head. We have a long way to go, but he is making progress!

Max has found his tongue and loves it! So funny! As you can see here, Max enjoys sticking out his tongue and looks absolutely adorable doing so! The other night, one of the nurses and I had great fun playing a game with Max asking him questions and he could answer by sticking out his tongue or not...."Am I your favorite nurse Max? Are we beautiful Max? Are you and your mommy going to have a wonderful life? Are you going to be home by Thanksgiving?" We had many, many laughs playing this game with Max! :)

Not only does Max love his tongue, but he also loves his new mirror. When I put this in his crib, he just stares and stares at himself! I picture him saying, "Wow, I am as gorgeous as everyone says! Wooooweee!!!" I love seeing him enjoy his toys!

Max is on a 14 day course of antibiotics and every 2-3 days, his IV goes bad and they have to find yet another good vein...they are running out of veins! They often resort to his pictured here! Sorry Max...but I promise the medicine will make you feel better! (How can someone look soooo cute even with a big IV out of your forehead???)

He might end up getting a PIC line, which is a more long term and stable IV line, so he won't have to continue to be poked and prodded so much.

This is a favorite outfit of Max's nurses and doctors! Note the saying, "I love my nurses and doctors." Always good to kiss up to your son's medical team, right? Elizabeth and I made several personalized onesies for Max that get him lots of attention! Very fun! We are starting a guild to benefit Children's Hospital in Max's name...and we plan on selling these adorable onesies at the giftshop and other locations.


alisen barlean said...

Oh my gosh! What a cutie!! He looks like he is quite the little ham for the camera! I am so proud of the two of continue to make the best out of the current situation. Max, you look great little buddy...keep up the good work! Amy, stay amazing!
lots of love and prayers,

Anara said...

Well, what can I say, he is just gorgeous!!!!! he just gets cutter everyday. It's so cool that he is discovering parts of his body, he is growing up Mommy. Good thoughts for Max's surgery today, I will be praying and thinking of him. I know it will be great, you sound like there are some wonderful doctor's there and they will take very good care of Max today. I love the baby cloths!!! what a great idea.
Lots of hugs and kisses for Max, I love you two. XOXOXO

Mary Karr said...

Hi Amy - Cannot believe how Maxwell has grown. I especially like the picture with the mirror. He is a beautiful baby. I like getting pictures of Max's beautiful Mother too. Thank you for taking time to share with us. We will be praying especially hard for the two of you at 5 p.m. today your time.

Love, Mary

rebecca said...

OMG!!!! He is so cutie. He is getting so fat, and how adorable is his tongue? Thanks for the great pictures. My thoughts and prayers will be with you two all day and night today. Max, stay strong and keep getting better so you can come home.


kate said...

Oh, Max, you are so cute! You have got those great big brown eyes that my boys have, just like your Mommy said you would! We are thinking of you both today, and praying that the surgery and procedures go well. Hugs and kisses to both of you.
Love, Kate :)

Theresa said...

These photos are fabulous! Looks like Max is actually getting a wee bit chubby;-). I wanted you to know we're thinking about you today and praying for a successful surgery. You two are amazing and we can't wait to have you right here in Bellingham.
Love, Theresa, Chris, Claire and Nate

Lisa McDaniel said...

Hi Amy!!!
Max is sooooo cute! Love the tongue thing. I was thinking about you guys today ~ You are a great mommy!! While you are giving that little fella hugs and kisses, give him an extra for me!!
Love ya,

Katherine said...

Hi there Amy & Max!
Big hugs to you both!! The pictures are simply darling. Could you be any cuter, Max!?! I hope your surgery went well today. You are both in my thoughts and prayers!!!

Steph said...

Max -- I want to kiss those sweet cheeks soooo bad!!! You are such a cutie-pie, and you're getting so big!

Amy -- thanks for the awesome pics. I've been thinking about you and Max all day...I know Max is probably in surgery right now...hope things are going really, really, really well. Looking forward to an update.

Love you guys,

tessa said...

How beautiful is maxwell looking....he is getting so big! it is so amazing to see the pictures...way to go max..keep eating as much as you can...thanks for posting all the pictures...they are wonderful...both keep up all your hard work...many hugs and kisses~
much love