Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Max is really making progress on overcoming the oral aversion! So excited about this! The past two weeks he has really taken to my pinky finger as I have written about, but today the OT and I worked with him taking drops of my milk...and he did great! Everytime we gave him a drop around the pinky, he would suck harder. The OT wants me to work with him on taking the binky (which he doesn't care for) and then we can try with the binky trainer, which is a device that they put small amounts of milk through. Then depending on this, we might do a swallow study to check everything out. We are working very very hard with this issue! It's likely he will take a few steps back after the surgery because he will be intubated for some time, but hopefuly not for too long!!! So proud of you Max!

Oh well, Max gave it a try! He does really well off of oxygen when he is awake and happy, but get him fussing or sleeping and his sats start to drop. So we are putting the nasal cannula back on. He is sooooo close to being free of that...but just not quite yet!

His numbers have not gone down, which is discouraging. But I talked with the pulmonary doctors today and we are not going to "freak out" at this point. We are just doing the "wait and see" game.

Pulmonary is available and will be able to do the bronchoscopy, so the GTube and Nissen surgery is now a definite for Thursday!


Anara said...

Good Grief!! I don't know how you keep up with everything, your amazing... Max is still doing great even if he has to have oxygn now and then. He is coming along with his sucking on your finger, that's really good. His surgery will go smoothly and he will recover quickly!!! I am praying for all of this very HARD and I know that Heavenly Father has been listening to us. So I'll keep it up. Lots of hugs and kisses to little Max, I love you two!! Anara

Drew said...

Hey Amy,

Thanks for all the updates. I learn something everyday. I mean, who know there was such a thing as a binky trainer! I'm glad to read about all Max's progress. Keep it up little fella.

We miss you guys!