Friday, October 14, 2005


Surgery went well...yea! :) So heartbreaking to see Max in pain and with his breathing tube AND with his large incision (yikes)...but the good news is that all the procedures went smoothly. He is on A LOT of pain medication right now.

He is in the cardiac unit of the ICU. Right now we are waiting for him to be extabated. We are HOPING it will be this morning. He is breathing on his own, but with the tube still in. The doctors are concerned because he is breathing so fast. These docs are not familiar with Max, so once I explained to them that "this is Max. Max breathes fast", they are feeling a little more comfortable. But first they want to run some more tests. I feel like I am always calming people down about his breathing! Every time he has someone new look at him, they are so surprised that he is ok with breathing that fast. Lots of work for him!

I met with the pulmonologists last night after they performed the bronchoscopy. There are a few minor issues they detected, but most importantly they determined his lung disease, due to prematurity, is slightly worse than they thought. This is one of the reasons Max breathes so fast...his lungs don't expand as well and as easily.

Many of you, who know my inquistory style, will get a good chuckle out of this. I was asking my usual million and one questions to the pulmonologist and then apologized for asking so much...and he said to not worry about it..."we love how interested you are...that's what is best for Max...," etc. He then followed up by telling me "you are developing quite a reputation in our department." How funny is that! But he promised me it was a very positive reputation and that everyone knows to come prepared when talking with me!!! He said they are surprised with how in depth my questions are...and have I thought about medical school. The nurse was in the room and agreed and said that actually I was developing that reputation in many departments. Mom and I got quite a chuckle from this. :)

The ENT said his nose is looking great...wide open! That is wonderful news! It is very likely he will need surgery again in the future...most likely several more times...but at least that is not an issue for now. YEA!

I haven't received the results back from the CT scan. This may provide answers on his hearing loss (is there a structure issue) and possibly give us an idea on his future balance due to the presence or absence of his semicircular canal. Quite anxious about the results! This is a study I have been begging to have performed for over a month!

I will keep you posted later today with his extabation status. I will be sooo excited to see his sweet little face without all the tubes. They are ALREADY using his GTube...just for medicine, but later today they MAY start feeds. WOW! And if all goes well, he might just be back in his room (which they have saved for him...he has quite a fan club on the floor) later today. The nurses are all excited for him to come back down! :)


Sean and Renee said...

Amy, I am so excited that Maxwell did so great with his surgery!! And, also Dr. Mom, I too think you may want to consider a job in the medical field!! I love reading you posts because they are so detailed and spoken "medically". You definitely have learned so much in last four months!! I too can picture Max's medical teams shaking in their boots before they come in to see him...especially the interns and residents! Just think how much you are forcing them to learn!!! I wish you both a restful weekend.
Love, Renee

Anara said...

I am so HAPPY to hear that Max's surgery went so well, that's wonderful!!!! I am looking forward to hearing the other test results, hearing, ect. Once again, Max has shown just how tough a little guy he is and his Mommy too...
I hope Max will be back in his own room today, it sounds like he will.
Lots of hug and kisses for Max, I love you two!!!!! XOXOXO

rebecca said...

Amy, I am SSSOOOOO happy for you and Max (way to go Max!). I hope he gets to return to his room and show all the nurses how well he did yesterday. Amy, keep those doctors on their toes, so glad to hear you are well knowen down there. With you by his side, Max will get the best treatment!


Drew said...

YEAH! Amy that's terrific news! So glad to hear things went well. It's no surprise to me you developed a reputation around there. You keep those folks on their toes! Keep up the good work.


Steph said...

Awesome!! So great to hear that Max's surgery went well...and that his nose is looking great!

And of course I got a kick out of your growing reputation story! They should give you a white coat and stethoscope now -- who needs medical school! And we all take comfort in your inquisitiveness b/c this means Max is getting the best care in every way...

Love you guys,