Sunday, October 09, 2005


This week Max and I found yet another way to connect...I just climbed up into his crib with him! In the past I have moved Maxwell to my bed, but he had two IVs in (yep, that's an IV right into his scalp that you see in the photo) so it was easier for me to come to him! Fortunately I am still small and flexible enough to make this happen! :)

Mom walked in and thought it was too funny so she snapped a few photos! I get into his crib about every day now, and it's great! We get lots of odd looks when someone first enters the room but it's worth it!

What was funniest was when the anesthesiologist came in to meet with me about next week's surgery. Max and I actually had fallen asleep so I was pretty out of it. Here I am in a baby's crib trying to have an intelligent conversation about Max's history with anesthesia and the possible risks of this surgery. Oh well! :)

P.S. You may notice the sign above his crib....yes, that's me telling everyone what to do! Max's visitors (and nurses!) have great fun reading all my signs...I have a million and one around the room reminding the medical team about HOW I want everything done for our lil' guy. It does seem to help!

P.S.S. I posted a photo on the "Special Prayer" entry of the actual prayer.


Ruthie said...

Love it, love it, love it! You both look so-o-o happy together! And you my as well go ahead get yourself a dry erase board so that you can keep it updated with ease! You go Amy! You are indeed the "in charge" mom! Love the picture. Tell your mom thanks for taking it!

Anara said...

It is so great that you can get in Max's crib with him, how wonderful to lay beside Max and hold him. You keep on top of the doctor's and I think the sign's around his room are genius!! You have never look more beautiul than you do in Max's crib looking at him..
I love you two. Anara
Lots of hugs and kisses for our little man....

Steph said...

Such a cute're so gorgeous!

(Is that what Jackson says? Or maybe it's "Hey gorgeous!" Either way, you look beautiful!)

Sara B said...

Oh, Amy! The look on your face in this picture is SO amazing!! You are such an inspiration lady!