Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Surgery is planned for Thursday afternoon at 5 p.m. They need to talk with pulmonary today to confirm the time works for them because they are also going to do a bronchoscopy on Maxwell for more information on his airway. Additionally, we may try to fit in a CT scan for more information on his ear structure. They try to combine procedures so the children...especially the "cardiac kids"... don't have to undergo anethesia too often. That will be quite an afternoon...getting anxious but also very excited! :)

Everyone gear up your prayer chains...Max will need a lot of extra love sent his way! :)

Gotta run...meeting up with another CHARGE mom and her kids for lunch. I have connected with so many amazing parents and children in the special needs community...very helpful and inspiring!


Anara said...

Boy, Thurs. is going to be a very busy day. Lots and Lots of prayer's coming your way, I know that Max will do great, he's just that kind of guy.. It's wonderful that you have met so many new people that you can relate with. You can talk to them and they understand what your going through. My thoughts and prayer's are with you two. Love Always!! Anara.

rebecca said...

I pray that all goes well on Thursday. So glad to hear he is strong enough to have the surgery. Keep us posted when you can. You both will be in my thoughts.


rebecca said...

Amy, Randy was at children's for business and he saw you having lunch. He tried to get your attention but could not. He wandered around looking for you or Max but struck out. Just wanted to let you know you had a man searching for you - maybe next time he will find you!