Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Max is still doing really well...actually he is doing BETTER than the doctors expected. How wonderful is that!?! :) He has had several items removed in the past day...including his chest tubes and pacemaker wires. He will not need a pacemaker thankfully. So great to see more and more things come off of his lil' chest! The incision is quite large but will certainly earn him a lot of attention at the swimming pool someday!

He is currently running a fever, which they are not overly worried about it at this point. If it continues much longer, they will run some tests for infection. He is sleeping peacefully for the most part, but when he wakes up or do a procedure on him, he is very fussy so they are keeping him fairly sedated. He did enjoy watching his mobile for awhile this morning, which was fun to see.

In preparation for Thanksgiving (ok, not really...but the timing is right!), Max started his feeds again yesterday...just at a very, very slow rate...enough to keep the stomach and bowels working. We are hoping to be able to slowly increase the feeds today and tomorrow. I have quite a collection of breast milk stored up at the hospital from the past week! (Actually at home I have a huge deep freezer of frozen breast milk...quite a comical sight!)

My sister, Suzanne Mom, and lil' Thomas (who turned 4 months yesterday!) will be joined by Jackson and Jim tomorrow for Thanksgiving. We will celebrate here with Maxwell and then enjoy dinner at the Ronald McDonald House with other families. A little different Thanksgiving than last year (the time of Max's creation!), but we certainly have much to be thankful for...especially with such a successful surgery this week!

Hope everyone enjoys a Thanksgiving of gratitude, health, peace and joy!!! And of course lots and lots of yummy food! :)


Mary Karr said...

Hi Amy - What wonderful news! I am so thrilled for you and Max. This certainly is an appropriate time - Thanksgiving!

George and I will be going to Morgantown Thanksgiving for the football game. If Max watches it, have him look for us. We will be the couple in blue and gold:-)

Love, Mary

Drew said...

Happy Thanksgiving Amy and Max!

It's so good to hear how well Maxwell is doing. I said it before, but I'll say it again...that kid is tough.

We'll be thinking of you guys when we are giving thanks tomorrow.