Monday, November 21, 2005


So far, so good. We are just hours away from surgery and everything is still on. However, tonight Max gave us a bit of a scare when his temp went to 100. But a cold bath and a few hours later, he was pretty much back to normal. We'll see!!! If he manages to have the surgery cancelled again, he must have truly magical powers and I will have even more appreciation for how special he is!!!

The nurse said tonight (half jokingly) that they will probably take him regardless because the surgeons are tired of waiting!

Thank you everyone for your encouraging emails! Very appreciated! I'll try and keep you posted throughout the day tomorrow!


Steph said...

((((big hug))))

...and keeping our fingers crossed...


Ruthie said...

Alright, we're ready for this. We all have nothing but good thoughts and love channeling your way. I truly hope everything goes well for you, you both deserve it.

Dylan (and Kristy) said...

Hi Amy and Max,

I know lots and lots of people are praying for the two of you (and the hospital staff, surgeons, doctors, etc) to let this surgery be a success.

With love and prayer,
Kristy, Ray, and Dylan