Monday, November 21, 2005


YAY! Surgery is over...and it was a success! :) We just met with the surgeon and he was very pleased. I cannot even begin to describe how ecstatic we are!!!

It took longer than they thought because of his fragile veins, AND sure enough, he had an ASD in addition to his sizable VSD. So the heart was in a little worse shape than we thought, which is actually what I was oddly hoping for....hoping that if the heart was in pretty bad shape, then perhaps the surgery would make a BIG difference in his overall health and lung ability. I am hoping, hoping, hoping!

The next 24 hours (and especially the immediate six hours) will be the most it certainly will be a long night. But I feel very confident that Max and his new and improved heart are going to do great!

He is supposed to be back in his room in the next ten we are very eager to see our lil' man. I will share your love and prayers with him...


tessa said...

lil' maxwell and amy
A success!!! I am so happy to hear that! i am still sending all my strengh and love for a quick recovery! you are two amazing people....i will be thinking and praying for you all night...
much love

Dylan (and Kristy) said...

Phew. What a relief that must feel for you to finally have that behind you. Congratulations.


Kristy, Ray, and Dylan

Kirstin said...

Good news is always welcomed! I am thinking of you both (and calling you @ 6am!!) I hope this is one road behind you. Give Max a kiss from me. He did good!
Love you - Kirstin

Drew said...

That's terrific news!

Hoping for a very speedy recovery.