Monday, November 21, 2005


After much preparation throughout the day, Max is officially in the operating room. We walked with him and the crew to the OR...what an emotional journey. It was so hard to let go of him and know what his body will endure this evening. I smothered him with kisses and reminded him of the hundreds of people sending tremendous love and prayers to him.

I feel so confident that this surgery will be an amazing success. He was so alert and strong today. We had a good snuggle time together and we just gazed at one was wonderful. Tears are overflowing right now as I write this...I am so in love with this lil' guy. Maxwell is a truly incredible warrior. We both are so in awe of the amount of love and comfort we have received from friends, family and strangers. Thank you, thank you.

We should have the first call from the OR within the next hour or so...and then it will be several more hours until the surgery is completed. For those of you in Bellingham and familiar with Treasury of Memories, you will appreciate that we are distracting ourselves with putting together a beautiful scrapbook for sweet Maxwell.


Sara B said...

Hey Lady-
Been thinking about you guys nonstop you all!!

rebecca said...

Both of you have been in my thoughts today, and I will think of you guys all night. Wish I could be there to support you - I sent all my love and hugs with Elizabeth, make sure she gives them to you both!!!!!


tessa said...

amy and lil maxwell
so happy to hear that maxwell is feeling so strong today! i have been thinking about you both all day and will continue to send all my love and strength in the next few days! Have a good time working on his is going to be amazing! I love you both!
much love

kate said...

We love you both! Stay strong!! Hope that everything is going well.

Lots of love and many hugs,
Kate and the Boys

carlytee said...

We've been thinking about you all day, all our prayers and thoughts are with you. All our love,
Carly, Elke & Katie

Steph said...

Hoping all is going really, really well with Max's surgery. We're surrounding him with lots of love, hugs, and kisses!

¸.·♥ ´¸.·*♥´¨))
¸.· ´♥¸.·*♥´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸♥.·´ (¸.·' ♥