Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Today marks five months for Mr. Maxwell...and he is celebrating with a successful heart repair! Happy Birthday Max! We are so proud of you!!!

All is still well for our sweet lil' man. He did spike a fever and had a high heart rate throughout the night but both issues are looking better this morning. A LOT more sedation (they did not have to paralyze him) finally did the trick for his restlessness and he is sleeping quite peacefully. He looks a little worse this morning...they removed his dressing around the incision (quite large) so perhaps everything it just a bit more visual for me. He may have some of the chest tubes (which drain the blood) removed today...and quite possibly start feeds later too! Wow.

The nurse and I were just joking about how strange it is that I am like wow, he is doing so great...and yet here is my lil' guy with a million and one tubes (and I am not exaggerating...wait until you see the photos!) and blood and IVs all over him and I am ecstatic. Still terribly scary but joyous at the same time. It is very surreal. But I just know how important this surgery is and I am just so incredibly relieved it was a success. Plus I have seen him undergo so many surgeries that seeing him this way (even though it is about a hundred times more intense) is not a complete shock for me, like it would be for some parents.

I am running back downstairs to make it for rounds...but I wanted to at least give you a morning update so you wouldn't be worried! Max is doing great! GO MAX GO!!! Can you tell I am just glowing this morning!!! I am sooooo proud of my lil' man...what a WARRIOR!!!


Steph said...


And I CAN tell you're glowing, Amy, and that's just AWESOME to hear!

What a milestone today marks for you and Maxwell. We're all so proud of you both and love you very much.

xoxo Steph

kate said...

We are so happy that the surgery went well, and little Max just keeps on fighting. We hope that better and more peaceful days lie ahead for both of you! Happy 5 months, Max! We love you.

Hugs and kisses, Kate

Renee said...

Amy, We are all so elated to hear of Max's BIG success!!!! And....your little guy is 5 months old!! What a big week, successful surgery, birthday, and Thanksgiving Day. We will continue to keep Max in our prayers and pray especially for a comfortable and speedy recovery. Congratulations again on Max's very huge milestone.
Lots of Love, Renee

Ruthie said...

Amy I am so-o-o happy for you both. There is a big smile and tears running down my face as I have caught up with all the entries that you've given us. Thank you for them and congratulations to you both for your successes!

Anara said...

A Big Happy Birthday Max!!!
You have done an amazing job, I felt you would fly through your heart surgery just as you have everything else. God made a very special person when he created you.... (and your Mommy) Now that you have that BIG surgery behind you it will be a piece of cake for you to be able to go home with your Mommy soon. I have been praying so hard (as everyone else has) for Heavenly Father to be with the surgens as they worked on Max and I believe he was.... Amy, I can't tell you how happy I am for you and Max!!! I Love you two.
Big hugs and kisses from Auntie Anara XOXOXOXO

Kerry said...

Amy, I'm so happy to hear Max's surgery went well. I can imagine how glad you are to have that behind you and Max!

Happy Birthday Max!


tessa said...

Happy Birthday lil maxwell....five months i can't even believe it! that is so exciting! Amy you sound so happy..it's so great to hear that everything went so well...thanks for all your updates! Love you both! I will continue to send all my love and prayers....give max a high five for doing so well! :o)

JenEspo said...

Hi Amy and Baby Max! Amy, I know we don't really know each other well - just in passing sort of - I'm Jennifer Esposito, Steph's friend and old roommate. Steph's been keeping me up-to-date on your and Baby Max's progress. I'm really happy that everything went so well in his surgery and now post-op. I can actually hear you celebrating. Happy Birthday Max!