Sunday, November 20, 2005


Every day is a new day here. As of yesterday we thought the surgery might be postponed again because of his vomiting issues, however we believe that may be resolved so we are moving forward with the surgery and actually moving it up a day.

As far as the Nissen, the Xrays show that it appears to be working. However he had an incredible amount of air in his abdomen, which was making it difficult for him to digest food and keeping him pretty uncomfortable. He just would not settle down all day yesterday. He has been NPO (without food) now for almost 36 hours and will remain that way until after surgery. They have been venting and suctioning his GTube to release the pressure and extra air. This is something I will have to learn how to do as well when he comes home.

So we are officially on for tomorrow and I believe it will indeed FINALLY happen. Please once again gear up all the prayer chains throughout the world and let's pray for a very successful, uncomplicated surgery and an amazingly speedy recovery for sweet Max...AND let's pray that this makes a tremendously positive difference for his lungs and overall health. We love you Maxwell! You are our hero!


Steph said...


We're thinking of you and sweet baby Maxwell as you prepare for a big glad it's finally going to happen, and praying that all goes really well.

Steph & Drew

Michelle Martin said...

Max and Amy,

My family will definately have you in our thoughts and prayers. Have a great surgery and a speedy recovery!!!

Anara said...

I am praying and thinking of you two, Max will do great tomorow, he has a lot of people praying for him, besides the big guy God!!!!
I love you two!!!!!!
Max, you come through this with flying colors, OK!!!!
LOVE!!! Anara

tessa said...

lil maxwell and amy....
I am thinking of you both....i am sending all my strength and love your way....i am so glad that this surgery is finally going to happen! thinking of you always!
much love