Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Today we were heading to Children's for clinic visits and tests, but I had a sneaking suspicion we would be staying. His respiratory status has continued to decline in recent days with extreme wheezing, increased O2 needs, etc. Additionally his retching and vomiting has not subsided in the slightest. So I called ahead and asked for pulmonary to come and look at him.

Once they did his chest xray, he was immediately sent to the ER for several hours and then admitted overnight. They think Max will need to be here for several days due to the various issues. It feels very, very, very strange to be back here and even stranger to have such an active kiddo in a hospital bed. Much more challenging!!! His pulmonary doc was so "impressed" (his words) with his extreme wheezing that he was having the entire team listen to his lungs. Many of them were on Max's team before, and they were blown away with how big and strong he has become.

In addition to his respiratory distress, his Gtube/Nissen could be failing. They want to give him a few days with new meds on board and then they will run some tests on his Nissen. If that has indeed failed, he will require another surgery.

I will try and keep everyone posted. Should be an interesting few days...


Rixmanns said...

Amy, so sorry to read that you're admitted, but obviously glad you're in good hands. I wish I had it in me to come visit, but I think you'll understand that I'm not up to being there yet. Will be thinking and praying for you, though and checking the website. Say hi to the Picu nurses--when they come visit. I know you won't be going THERE! :-)

Kerry said...

So sorry to hear Max had to be hospitalized, but if he has issues that need tended to, he's right where he needs to be. I hope he gets better soon and you guys are back home.

Moriah (zandysmom) said...

Sorry to hear you guys in the hospital :(. I hope it's a short stay.

But doesn't it feel good to have the Dr's see him who haven't seen him in a while! They'll get to see some amazing progress & give lots of kudos to you for being such a great mommy!

Anonymous said...

I swear the charge kiddos are sending out telepathy signals. Sending prayers up that Max heals quickly and returns home to his Jungle of Monkey's..

Love to you both..stay strong. Stay positive.


elle said...

LOL well charge people hate em these days maybe ill leave there so they can get away from me nissens often do fail in chargers mine has when i was younger three times

Drew said...

Hey Amy,

Sorry Max isn't feeling well and had to be admitted. That must be very bizarre to be back there a year after your time there began. Hang in there, you guys will be home before you know it.