Saturday, July 08, 2006


We are home...home sweet home. Max and I were delighted to be discharged last night and get to sleep in our very own comfy beds. He is in a great mood today...and despite his wheezing, he is quite energetic and happy. However, with his new 24/7 drip feeding), he is quite a handful to watch. Yet another tube for him to grab and pull!!! Crazy kid! :)

I was going online to post what happened yesterday with Max's tests, etc. However, after reading an email from my soon to be ex, I am rolling my eyes and thought I would share his latest.

He started in again this morning about how he thinks this blog is just an ego trip for me. What in the world??? And it gets even worse. Some of you may remember that when we invited him to the birthday party in Wheeling last month, he denied by replying that the party was more to pump up my ego than to celebrate Max's birthday. Where does he come with this stuff???

The fact that Maxwell lived to reach his first birthday is the most amazing miracle. Yet instead of celebrating this INCREDIBLE milestone, he chose to degrade our efforts to share the joy. Wow. I have really tried (as much as possible considering the circumstances) to be civil with this man, but how can I when he says those kind of things or acts the way he does?

The only way the man knows ANYTHING about his son is through this blog. Instead of criticizing it, he should be grateful for the updates. Otherwise he wouldn't even know what Maxwell looked like or quite frankly if he was even breathing. We have communicated plenty of times about work, money, etc., but he hasn't even asked about Maxwell since last year. And I even alerted him about Max's admittance to the hospital and he still didn't even check in on him.

He is so ridiculous that it is almost humorous. But because his behavior impacts Maxwell's future, nothing about it is funny at all. Not in the slightest.

Anyway, I just had to vent for a moment on that issue. None of it is too surprising, but just still so disappointing and outrageous. How could someone be so heartless? Especially with an amazing lil' miracle like Maxwell involved???

I will definitely try and post later today about the tests, the next steps, etc. I know that is FAR more important than venting about my ex's immoral behavior, but I just had to get that off my chest first!

Thanks everyone for your calls and emails during this past week...very appreciated. Max is slowly but surely on the mend, and most importantly he has been doing his happy dance lots and lots! :)


Steph said...

Vic -- stop reading the blog. You're a piece of crap. Get over yourself and get some therapy. You're repulsive.

Steph said...

Amy and Maxwell,

I'm so sorry you have to continue to deal with this "person"...wish you didn't have to deal with him in any way, shape or form.

Thinking of you both,

Heather said...

Yeah Vic, you're just "feeding Amy's ego" by reading this, so do yourself a favor and STAY AWAY. Then won't you be "winning" by rising above this big "ego fest"?
You ARE repulsive.

Anonymous said...

I did notice he never mentioned poor Max's condition in his blog. You know I.E. Prayer request, or hey heads up little one has been admitted. ZIPPO..

I do not know how the WV party was but only can imagine that it was similar to the West Coast Party only surrounded by more family and friends..That party here was all about Max and the celebration of life. It was clear and if he took what I said in my blogs or those pictures and formated and jumped to conclusions then he's a bigger _____ than I thought.

We know the truth and so does Max and that's all that matters.


WV Girls said...

Vic - I, along with hundreds of other people, read this blog DAILY because we have fallen in love with this wonderful little guy that most of us have never even met. WHY exactly are you reading it??? Personal gain? Ammunition? I have sat many, many, many times and shed tears over Max's triumphs and set backs as if he were my own. How many times have you read the blog and shed a tear for him? Too busy taking notes on Amy's words? Those words have to do with your child. Quit taking notes and be a Dad. Advice: The next time you post a message on your own blog try something your son. What do you think people REALLY care about: steroids, ball parks, and where you work out OR a little boy who defies the odds every day of his life?

Very sincerely,
A WV voter - yikes! :)

To Max and Amy - sending lots of prayers your way. Hang in there guys...we are both remarkable. I'

WV Girls said...

Oops ~ new to blogging! YOU (not we!) are both remarkable. :)

Drew said...


You're one to talk about ego. How many women do you have to sleep with in a month to feed yours? You don't have any clue about what matters in life. That little boy of yours is incredible. Maybe you ought to use this blog to learn about him and his amazing life, instead of just thinking about your own immediate desires.

Drew said...

Amy and Max,

I'm so glad you're home!


Mark and Jaye said...

Uh? Did I miss something?? I am dumbfounded at how giving up your own ambitions, setting aside your own wants and needs, pulling 24 hour days, and having to be as knowledgable as a pediatric special needs nurse can be construed as feeding your ego!!! I think posturing in front of thousands of WVirginians as a 'family' man with family morals and values is feeding one's ego! I think Vic, that you need to take a long hard look at yourself. You are nothing more than a philandering, egocentric, self absorbed CHILD who can't stand for anyone else to get attention. If anyone is 'feeding their ego' it is you, the parent who voluntarily chooses to shunt his special needs child off on the taxpayers and not be involved in his THAT is someone with an ego to feed....someone who can't stand the fact that maybe his CHILD is getting more attention than he is! really are a piece of work...enjoy your time in office Vic..I have a feeling that you'll be feeding your ego elsewhere come the next election!

kanda said...

Given that Vic has chosen to ignore Maxwell thus far, he is probably just hoping little Max will eventually "go away," if you know what I mean.

Thank goodness Vic doesn't do visitation... I'd fear for Max's safety... I can just imagine Vic ignoring one of Max's episodes and then claiming "God's will."

Vic is not only heartless, he's probably dangerous, too. Thank goodness this sleezebag is nearly out of your life.

He should have "deadbeat dad" tatooed across his face. Then his party and potential girlfriends might see him for who he really is.

I'm so sorry you must endure this stress on top of everything else. Hang in there!

elle said...

LOL to kanda i agree with u its not funny but the way you put it is the way ive been trying not to say it LOL so thats y i think its funny coz her does love you all and does he read the comment hmmmmmm dotn thyink soo

Ruthie said...

Amy, I love you and Max both. EVERYDAY you push boundaries and set new limits. One thing that I know you have learned in past experiences is that it really doesn't matter what certain negative people think. You my friend, have more positive thoughts and people around you than negative ones. Remember to focus on that. You my dear sweet Amy, are stronger than the negative.

Sarah said...

I do not see how in the world this blog could be construed as an "ego feeder." He is such a maniacal idiot! BTW, Vic, I'm a voter in your district. I can't wait to give you a piece of my mind the next time you are standing on the street corner waving like an idiot.

And if blogs are nothing but ego feeders, why did you start one of your own, vic???

MarkCoyle said...

Warning Warning: If you dare criticize SENATOR of the smallest, poorest state in the nation, you are liable to get an email to your workplace from Vic, trying to impress people by using his Senator email address, in an effort to bully people. It didnt work with me at all. My co-worker told him to scram, get lost.

Vic is one sick bastard. I am a male and I am honestly ashamed that Vic is a member of my gender. He, by himself, makes my entire gender look bad. I hope I dont offend anyone by saying about Vic "He needs to go F himself" because that is all he cares about.