Saturday, July 08, 2006


Our last day in the hospital was filled with special visitors...Aunt Lisa and Cindy, a hospital friend Katie, Akiko and Souma (Ryoto's mom and brother), Kristy and Dylan and lots of doctors and nurses! I certainly am a loved lil' boy! Thanks everyone! :)

Akiko is such a wonderful and loving friend to me and Mommy. She came to see us and she gave me lots of love. Her family is very sad with the loss of their sweet baby. I think seeing me was difficult but also wonderful. Thanks Akiko for coming...and Mommy thanks you for the delicious treats and super cute baby Mariners outfits!

This is my special friend, Souma. He loves me very much and always brings me beautiful drawings! Thanks Souma! Your smile brightens the world!

That's my Aunt Lisa behind the mask! I think mommy must have warned her that I like to eat noses!

I really wanted Aunt Cindy's guest know how I love to play with "labels."

All these visitors are wearing me out, I think I'll take a quick snooze!


Anonymous said...

how sweet..glad to see everyone giving Mighty Max cuddles and hugs

Steph said...

So glad you guys are home! And that you had such fun visitors at Childrens!

Lori said...

Happy homecoming, Max and Amy! We were wanting to come to the hospital for a visit (since the hospital is so close to us), but we're NOT disappointed since HOME is definitely the best place for you to recover. Sending you lots of love and prayers, li'l man!
the Mellos

Mary Karr said...

Hi Maxwell -

So glad you are back home and feeling better. I am sure the 24/7 feeds are a pain for both you and Mommy.

I am so glad to see new pictures of you. I was needing a "Maxwell fix". I can tell from the pictures that you poured on the charm when your aunties visited you. I am sure they were amazed that how you can be so charming while in the hospital

Mommy did a super job keeping you out of the hospital for over six months. It is wonderful that you have now been home more days than you have been in the hospital. I pray the trend continues.

Hugs and kisses,

Mark and Jaye said...

What a wonderful spirit this little man has! With all the speed bumps he goes over...with all the set backs he has..he just keeps smiling and charming the ladies! Look out Mama, you'll have a hard time keeping the girls at bay in a few years! :)

Hugs to you both!

elle said...

hugs to you ill be in the ist in a few days when its all nice lol

Tracy said...

Amy and Max,

I am so glad Mary introduced me to both of you. You are in my thoughts as your court date approaches. Amy, I think you have quite an army of staunch supporters in your corner. You are an incredible woman.

Ruthie said...

Max looks good even when he feels crummy doesn't he?! Got to love that. Thanks for the pictures and congrats on making it home!