Monday, July 03, 2006


Ok, is it weird that many of Max's favorite toys are medically related??? :)
Every time I give him a med, he wants the syringe and when I give him an inhaler treatment, he wants to chew on the mask. And let's not forget the also provides great fun! Oh and the latest is pulling on the Gtube. He LOVES to do that most of all, so he absolutely has to be clothed at all times or watch out!

Notice the lil' hand holding on to the bumper? He just started doing this in his sleep and it is too cute!

*** If you notice from the number of posts today, I am doing a lot of "office work" (i.e. insurance, divorce, etc.) and it can be quite tedious. So I am looking for distractions!!! :) Soon though we must run to our equipment supply company and pharmacy because we are going to try a different nebulizer treatment for his breathing. Hope it makes a difference! His nights are pretty rough!


Cedie L Mock said...

Cedie has that Sat monitor :-)

Max has to be the 2nd cutest boy I have ever see! -as a mom, I must reserve the #1 spot for my Dylan :-)

Dylan (and Kristy) said...

What great pictures. I particularly like the one of his cute is it that he does that in his sleep! We missed you at school today but we'll see you next week. Hopefully, you'll be feeling better then. Take care and Happy 4th!

Kristy, Ray, and Dylan

elle said...

xxxxxxxxxxxxx squish him for me

Anonymous said...

blowing kisses to those fingers sticking above the bumper..I see you Max..Hugs to you my little guy!

Mary Karr said...

Happy July 4th Amy and Max!

The picture of those little fingers above the bumper is the cutest picture ever. I also like it when he sleeps with his hands together like he just finished praying.

I understand why you want to kiss on him all the time. It is amazing how he can do such sweet things even when he is asleep.