Friday, July 07, 2006


We *might* be as discharged as early as this evening!!! :) Mommy and I are thrilled at the thought of going home! The pulmonary doc says I am still quite wheezy and not in the "best shape," but since Mom is pretty experienced at this now, I could possibly go home to get better!!! YAY!!!

I am still in "ISO," which is medical lingo for isolation because of my respirator virus. The good part is that we have a private room, but the bad part is that everyone has to wear gowns, mask and gloves. Sorry guys!!! The initial tests came back negative for RSV, etc., but they think my bug is one they cannot test they are keeping me in ISO to play it safe.

Before I am even considered for discharge, I have a few tests to get done today. This morning I have an Upper GI to test my Nissen and stomach status, and this afternoon I have an Echo for my heart. Hopefully both will give us solid answers one way or the other.

If my Nissen is slipping, then we will have surgery scheduled once I am feeling better. They wouldn't feel comfortable putting me under anethesia in my current condition. Mom and the doctors will have to make a choice if I should have surgery or they could change my Gtube to be a GJ but that would require 24/7 drip feeds...yuck! So we are already leaning towards surgery...a bit risky but possibly easier on me in the long run. Tough decision though. As for my nose repair, they also want to hold off on that until I am over this hump too. Perhaps they will combine the two surgeries which would be MUCH easier on my lil' body!

Hoping, hoping, hoping we are heading back to home sweet home later!!!

Love, Mighty Max
(All the nurses, doctors and RTs are LOVING seeing me again...I have had a gazillions admirers stopping by!!! I have to say that is kinda fun!)


RNP said...

Many hugs and positive thoughts for your Friday.

ang said...

sending positive thoughts and prayers your ways that today is the day to come home and have a picnic in your living room floor.

Tell mom to get the monkeys out on the floor and set it up to have mushed bananas all the way around for you and the big apes!! bad..I'm just ape over you the possibility of you coming home!!!


elle said...