Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Boy, do we have a packed day tomorrow at Children's Hospital! :)

We have a gazillion appointments with the heart and lung doctors, as well as a few other specialties. Unfortunately, I think we are going to have to cancel the swallow study (again) because of his current sickness.

Hopefully we get some answers from the heart test. The last test showed that he absolutely required oxygen at nights to help with the pulmonary hypertension. The side of his heart was growing in size to compensate for the extra demands. The supplemental O2 helps with that issue. Right now he requires even further O2 because of his bug, but once that is gone, it would be nice to not "HAVE TO" have oxygen with his sats are good.

Next week we return to Children's for even more tests and the procedure/surgery for his lil' nose finally. Hopefully that is an outpatient procedure, but it might require an overnight stay if he needs to be completely sedated.

Tomorrow we are also meeting up with his favorite Respiratory Therapist (we love you Ann!!!) and the wonderful mommy and brother of Ryoto, a CHARGEr who passed away recently. We are excited to see all three of them, as well as all of Max's fan club of nurses and doctors. It has been nearly a month since we were there, and Mighty Maxwell has changed tremendously!

The next day Maxwell will have two special visitors, which will be fun! His aunts (from his father's side) Cindy and Lisa are in Seattle this week and are driving up to Bellingham to come and meet their lil' miracle nephew. These are the first people from his father's family that he will meet. I think they are pretty excited and we are too...I always love introducing him to new people because everyone immediately falls in love!!! :) Welcome Cindy and Lisa!!!


ang said...

oh wow..well we'll be at children's on the 10th and 17th. Maybe we'll run into each other sometime..lol..j/k..

Ok kiddo rest up for the hospital team visits.

Enjoy your visits with your aunties and I pray that all goes well.


elle said...

hmmmmmmm maybe you can shwo them my story and others and show them and give them a copy for his dad just an idea thinking if its comign from his fam not u or the juges it col;d help but i could be jsut engaging in soem wishful thinking as allwasy