Monday, October 02, 2006


Tomorrow EARLY morning we head back to Children's. He has an EEG scheduled for 8 am. Not too bad but I forget until this afternoon that he needs to be sleep deprived for the test, because they monitor the brain waves during sleep. Not sure exactly how I am going to do that.

We have a nurse tonight so I am thinking I will have her wake up Max at 2am and play with him. Then he and I will head to Seattle around 4:30 am and get there about an hour or so early. That way I can play with him and wear him out again, because I'm sure he will sleep on the way. If only he knew how to drive, this would be great. I could sleep and he could drive...perfect!!!

After the test, we have 5 hours until we meet with the neurologist to discuss the results. Not sure what we are going to do because Max will want to play, nap, etc. and I don't really want to hang around the hospital too much because of germ exposure. We'll figure something out. We might try and get the ultrasound for urology...hopefully they can fit us in.

I am trying to not get nervous about the EEG. My suspicion (I'm an eternal optimist about Max, I know!) is that everything will be ok, but he definitely has some strange head movements that are causing some concern. Each therapist and doctor has their own theory. Hopefully my gut is correct, but I am also hoping the neurologist can explain better exactly what is going on with my lil' guy.

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and see f u can talk to the drs bout my idea bout the gall bladder hugs