Thursday, October 05, 2006


(Thank you everyone for asking about my EEG...sorry we haven't posted until now about it. It has been a crazy few days! But here goes...)

Welcome to my EEG adventure!

This test was much more comprehensive and intense than my EEG performed a few months ago in Bellingham. But nonetheless, I handled it all like a pro. Colleen, my technician, said I was one of the cutest, happiest and most well behaved kiddos that she had ever worked with! Yay for me! She also was very impressed with how happy I was...she said it was obvious that my mommy does a good job of treating me like a "typical" boy, not a sick baby. We thought that was an interesting observation!

As you know, the camera is a great distraction for me during tests so once again Mom was snapping away! Plus she thought I looked just too cute with my crazy head gear!

First the technician marks off all the different areas on my head for the electrolodes.

Then she attaches them with very sticky gel and cotton.

Look at all those wires!

Then she wraps my head in gauze to keep everything in place. (Notice I had to be swaddled too because I kept moving around!)

The technician teased me and Mommy that I should be a "mummy" for Halloween because I look so cute in gauze! :)

Too late Colleen, we already have my Halloween costume! And if I do say so myself, I am the cutest lil' baby puppy ever! (Wait until you see the photos...we had them taken last week at Picture People and I look ADORABLE!!!)

Hey Mommy, my turn with the camera! :)

Once we were ready for testing, Mom tried to calm him down by holding me. But that just gave me the opportunity to play with her face. Laying down with my book seemed to help a little bit. The test monitors your brain during various states of activity, sleep and the transition from one to the other. I never did get to the sleep part...despite their best efforts!

This was a funny part. The black box had a light in it and it would flash very quickly. For some people this will induce a seizure. I thought it was very funny! It reminded me of mommy and her camera.

Ok now this light is just starting to weird me out...what in the world is it doing?

Hey Mom, anything you can do about the paparazzi in this box? They are taking photos like crazy and it's a bit annoying.

All done! Time to remove the wires! This was quite a messy job and my hair was crazy with all that gel in it.


Mary Karr said...

Precious little Maxwell -

I bet Mom had a major problem with all that gel in your beautiful hair. I think a puppy is a much better costume for you than a mummy. I love puppies. I can't wait to see your picture - rumor has it I am getting one:-). I agree with your therapist, you are the sweetest, cutest, best behaved guy I know.

I hope you are feeling better today.

Love you,
"Auntie" Mary

Ruthie said...

Love that tech's heart! What a wonderful thing to say. See, everyone can tell how much you work with him. He's a wonderful kid and he has a wonderful mommy! I think its funny too that he has to be swaddled to keep him still. Way to go Max! Make them work for their test results! :) Looking forward to seeing him as a puppy instead of the mummy!
Take care-

Sarah Key Storrs said...

Hi Max,

I had to have that gel in my hair for my sleep study. It's probably a little late now, but my mommy found out if you comb baby powder through the hair before you shampoo it, the gel comes out a lot more easily. Well, it can be a tip for the next EEG...if there is one.


elle said...

yeah it is i know i remember one time when i had an eeg in the hosp one ofthe other mums had done my hair all nice then when i cam\e back coz myu mum was away soemwhere grandma did the test with me but when i came back she was like oh shit i did ur hair all nice and now look they had to wash it and brush it all again LOL