Friday, October 06, 2006


So today was Mommy's appointment for her breathing issue. She said it was really strange to be filling out forms about herself and not about me!

Auntie Kirstin arrived last night so she came with us and helped a lot during our appointment. I have been a bit cranky and needy these past few days, so an extra set of hands this morning was great!

It was a very emotional appointment for Mommy as she had to explain everything from the past year to the doctor...divorce, moving, my early arrival, my special needs, the works.

As suspected, the doctor believes the shortness of breath is due to "caregiver fatigue". (Mommy was kind of hoping it was allergies or something so they could just give her some meds and fix the problem!)

Even though it probably is stress, the doctor wanted to make sure because of the severity of some of the episodes. So Mommy had to get an EKG just like I did yesterday! That was really funny to see her all wired up. Then she had to get a chest xray and blood work...again, just like me!!! It was all very surreal for Mom.

Anyway, the EKG came back normal but we don't have the other results yet. I must say that Mommy was a good patient, I have taught her very well! :)

Now I guess I should tell you about my heart issue (next post)....let's just say I am keeping my mommy on her toes, that's for sure!!!


elle said...

wow update u spls

Ruthie said...

So glad to hear that mom was a good patient. And that nothing serious has been found. Max you are going to have to be good for mommy so she doesn't feel that "stress" that the doctors are talking about. Give her lots of happy dances!