Wednesday, October 04, 2006


What a night and oh, what a morning! Max is in full vomiting mode and nothing is stopping it...except stopping all feeds. (And even then, he isn't happy.) He is absolutely miserable and you can tell he is in pain. Something just isn't right...he never acts like this. Either his Nissen has failed even more or something else is going on too.

After being up pretty much all night, he finally went to sleep this morning and I tried sneaking in a little milk. But sure enough, he vomited that up within minutes and was crying miserably. And again a few minutes later....and again...

I am exhausted but no point in laying down. My mind is racing about what we are going to do. I already made an emergency appointment with our PCP this morning and put out calls to pulmonary and surgery too. Each are going to arrive to work and get voice mails from a very stressed out and sad mommy!


Drew said...


I'm sorry to hear you guys are having such a tough time. I hope your docs can fix this issue soon. That sounds really awful. Give Max a hug and kiss for me.


Sarah Key Storrs said...

I will be thinking of you both today, and hope you can get some answers (or at least schedule some more tests to find answers).


Steph said...

Oh boy...that sounds terrible. I'm so sorry that you and Max had such a rough night. Hoping and praying that the docs can figure this out soon for both of you...


Cedie L Mock said...

Bless both your hearts. I know it is so frustrating to not know how to "fix" your baby! I sure hope they can do something soon. We will be praying for you both.

Jennifer and Cedie

RebeccaA said...


So sorry to hear Max is struggling so much right now - and you're along for the stressful ride. I hope you get some answers or Max gets some relief soon. Maybe an upper GI would give some insight?

Cameron and Nathan's mom

elle said...

hm i echo rebecca ther upper gi though they dont allways show LOL but i do think that the nissens failed i think its like very possible but hope not but i wouldtn b surprised when les talks bout ameilie i think shes like me but hey shes like max to and hers has failed and so has mine!!1111 when i was that age well i had gj tube and jeuguonsotmy sotma and now im eating so never know ;ove you put it to the charge group they will help i know or at least vive you hope anyway LOL