Sunday, October 01, 2006


My camera seems to bring much joy to Maxwell, and it also serves as a great distraction for him during stressful times.

I used it during this week's blood draw and it helped tremendously!

Here's Max doing his new favorite face - Mr. Fish! So cute! With the camera out, he isn't even noticing that his foot is being warmed up to draw blood.

And yet another favorite...blowing raspberries for the camera!

Now notice the sadness and worry starting to creep in...

And of course, there were a few tears. But I'm telling you, this camera works magic! He only whimpered for a few minutes and then was over it!

What a trooper...already calming back down. You are one amazing lil' boy Mr. Maxwell!


carolyn said...

Max & Amy,

If the camera does the trick to help Max with his doctor appointments, shots and testing then the camera distraction is GREAT. And we love seeing all the pictures.

Yes, he is a little trooper. He has gone through more than some of us ever will.

Love & Prayers,

Anonymous said...

What a little ham! He sure is a cutie patutie!

Mary Karr said...

Maxwell -

You are amazing. Keep the positive reinforcement with the camera so Mommy will keep sending pictures.

You know that Mommy is always there to comfort you. My dad always told me that when something hurt me, it hurt him worse. I know that your mommy feels the same way.

I love you.

elle said...

now to cute