Monday, October 02, 2006


Today we had playgroup and Max was actually healthy enough to go! YAY! We had a good time, and Max even experimented another type of baby food. (The only bad thing was that it stained his brand new super cute outfit. Bummer!)

All the other kiddos were trying yummy banana bread but Max tried pureed carrots and beef. Hmmm...he better learn how to eat soon so he can enjoy all the yummy stuff too!

After snack time, Maxwell showed everybody his new "creeping" (attempt at crawling on knees but with head down). They were very impressed! :)

I am so happy with our Birth to Three program in Bellingham. We are very fortunate to have such wonderful therapists and an active special needs community. :)


elle said...

cool xx

Jaye said...

Stains...try 'spot shot' carpet cleaner. I know..sounds weird...but I use it on clothes and it takes EVERYTHING out..including baby stains!