Wednesday, October 25, 2006


I decided it was finally time for Mighty Maxwell to receive a professional trim. I was so nervous! Funny considering all that we have been through that a simple hair cut would scare me. :)

We had some time after our afternoon speech therapy appointment, so we ran over before I changed my mind. Max was amazing as always! He wanted to stand up in my lap and he was smiling. Not a single whimper!

He looks quite dashing in his new sleek do. No worries, he still has plenty of beautiful curls and the longer locks will grow back quickly! :)

Here's his before shot...a little on the wild side! (How cute is he in his blue cape???)

Time to get started Maxwell!

Looking to Mom for approval!

And here is the "after"...the new and improved MIGHTY MAXWELL! Looking good my boy, looking real good! :)


elle said...

yum yum

CrystalandEva said...

AAAWWW I am so glad you didnt go to short he has the cutest hair!!

Crystal and Eva

Anonymous said...

Maxwell you look charming, dashing and handsome in your new "DOOO" Tell mom two thumbs up from us..
love to you