Tuesday, October 24, 2006


We met with my surgeon today, and he and Mommy decided to hold off on redoing the Nissen...for now. (That's the surgery when the doctor wraps a portion of the stomach around the esophagus to help with vomiting and reflux issues...common with CHARGE and being a preemie.) Whew, what a relief. (I had a very difficult recovery from this surgery last year!)

If it becomes enough of a problem (as it was a few weeks ago) that the vomiting is hindering our quality of life significantly OR if I stop growing OR if I begin to develop more respiratory problems (i.e. pneumonia), we will revisit this and probably move ahead with the surgery.

The second time around has a lot more potential complications, including cutting some very important nerves, rupturing the spleen, damaging the stomach, etc.

So obviously Mommy and I are doing to do EVERYTHING possible to avoid this "redo" surgery. Plus, they said if it failed the first time, it is likely to fail again the second time.

We will just continue our efforts with the various feeding regimens we do, and hopefully Mom doesn't get too frustrated and I stay healthy and growing. Let's hope for the best! :)


elle said...

tjats good ive failed thjree times so its true it can fail again

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you got your mommy there, making the decisions that she does, being hands on, proactive, and fighting for your best interest all the way. You are so blessed to have this mommy.

CrystalandEva said...

Glad you get to hold off on somethings for now. Hang in there buddy!!
Crystal and Eva