Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Maxwell had his testicular ultrasound on Monday, and we met with the urology specialist on Tuesday to review the results.

The specialist was absolutely amazing. He was very informative and thorough (and very funny too!). He determined that Maxwell will indeed need surgery to bring down his testicles. Fortunately they are both present, they simply need brought down. The surgery is fairly simple but will require general anesthesia, intubation, etc. Most kiddos would be able to go home the same day but with Max's lungs and heart condition, he will probably have to spend the night...hopefully just one night!

Another issue we discussed was circumcision. With all that Maxwell has endured, I didn't want to put him through another procedure that was not medically necessary. However, the doctor brought up a good point that was difficult to hear but important to consider. He thinks this procedure would be a good precautionary measure should Maxwell need long term care. As much as I don't think that is going to happen (you gotta be optimistic), I suppose it is better to plan for the worse. Additionally, Max has some other minor issues "down there" that need surgical we will be taking care of all of this at one time.

The surgery is not until February. Of course I have been trained well by the doctors and immediately started racking my brain for any other procedures we could combine with this one since he will already be under anesthesia. The specialist laughed at how I was already thinking ahead on that one! :) I am going to check with a few of his other doctors...I think ENT will definitely want to check out at least his nose and ears.


elle said...

combine the circumsistion that would b good one

Momof2 said...

My son was born 3 mos early and wasn't able to be circ'ed at the time. At 18 mos old, he needed surgery to repair a hydrocele, so we rolled the circ in with it. He was a pretty miserable little fella for a day or two, then bounced right back. And because they do the scalpel and stitches type circ, (as opposed to the newborn bell-clamp procedure), it looks much nicer - not that it's a really big deal - but my husband wanted it to "look right". Men! LOL.
We did that mainly because my husband wanted it done, but also our pediatrician said that it does help them have fewer (or no) urinary tract infections and other infections. Getting it done at this age is probably best, because he won't remember it. Good luck!

CrystalandEva said...

I will be praying all goes well and he is only at the hospital for one night.
Crystal and Eva

Anonymous said...

I will be saying prayers from now till then that you have a quick and speedy recovery with your surgery. May you show those dr.'s what Mighty Max continues to be about.

Traci said...

Combining procedures -- great idea! Tyler was also born 3 mos premature and couldn't have the circ at birth -- we combined that with eye surgery and asked the Eye Dr. if she wouldn't mind giving him a little trim of the bangs while she was there since he soooo hated having his hair cut. She laughed and said it wasn't the first time she had been asked that -- and it wouldn't have been the first haircut she gave!!!! LOL! We, of course, were kidding about the haircut -- I just waited until he fell asleep in his high chair and gave him a little trim!!! of luck!!!

Anonymous said...

Just thought I'd let you know that Max has one more fan out there. We heard the "apple of my eye" song that's on Max's video today and I immediately thought of him. It blows my mind that he is always right there in my mind when I've never met you and probably never will. You have a very special little man. Good luck w/all the decisions you have to make. :)

RebeccaA said...


Cameron had that surgery and also they did a modified circ. The first one they did shortly after birth - before we found out about his other challenges - just didn't look right. So when he had his other surgery they "cleaned things up a bit". I'm sure it will feel good to check this surgery off his list.
Cameron and Nathan's mom