Friday, October 27, 2006


Maxwell has been very congested lately and needing a lot of suctioning...I mean A LOT! (With his narrow nasal passages, you have to keep them open as much as possible.)

But you know what? I'm not complaining because he isn't complaining. :) This kiddo is unbelievably amazing! He actually is now letting me suction his nose with NO crying!!! I have done it to myself just to see what it feels like and it's not fun. But yet Mighty Maxwell tolerates it like a champ! I have to do lots of funny faces when I am suctioning for him to be ok with it, but hey, whatever works! :) He truly is amazing.

The other night he was having such a difficult time breathing in his sleep. Then he started coughing so hard that he was crying miserably. So once I calmed him down, I went to suction him and he actually fell right back to sleep during the process. I was even able to give him all three of his inhalers...and he didn't fuss at all about it.

I hope this new "acceptance" phase is here to stay...loving, loving, loving it!!! :)

Just for proof of how cool this kid is, I had my mom take some photos of him sleeping through all of this!

Max's room can look like a mini hospital at times...that's his oximeter and stethoscope on our left, suction machine on the right, and oxygen tubing by my leg.

(Oh, and please excuse the dirty socks...just took out the trash in my socks! Opps!)

How cute and cuddly is my lil' man...even when receiving an inhaler???


Mary Karr said...

Hi Amy -

Maxwell is certainly a masterpiece. He has such confidence in and love for you that as long as you are around he knows he will be fine. He knows that he is loved and he is is very secure with you, your family and friends, his pets and his surroundings.

He is so cute I could just kiss those little him on the computer screen.

"Auntie" Mary

RebeccaA said...


Your entry reminds me of the first time I didn't grab Cameron to hold him down for an ear exam. He just sat there and allowed the ENT to examine his ears. I remember thinking, "What a big boy!".

It's so inspiring when our kids grow and realize that we aren't trying to hurt them but help. They develop such a trust in us - which is a gift.

Cameron and Nathan's mom

Cedie L Mock said...
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Cedie L Mock said...

We have to make faces in order to suction Cedie too. She tolerates it 95% of the time now. I guess our little champs are maturing :-) (or they are atleast learning to accept that it makes them feel better and we're not just being mean...)

Anonymous said...

My heart melts as I read these new entries. WTG (Way to go) Maxwell. You just keep knocking my socks off. Love to you

elle said...

ok can i eat that

CrystalandEva said...

What a trooper!! I am so proud of you!!
Crystal and Eva