Tuesday, October 24, 2006


I gave Mommy a pretty hard time in Seattle. Oops!

I kept her up pretty much all night...both nights. It was miserable. I was having difficulty breathing due to my heavy secretions and that would wake me up. But I think what kept me up was the different surroundings. I'm not used to being outside of my home for overnight stays. I have always been either at the hospital or my home.

Once Mom managed to get me back to sleep, she would try and put me back in the crib and I would cry immediately. This happened all night long. We tried to cuddle in her bed together, but she was worried she would fall asleep and that wouldn't be very safe. I tend to roll a lot in my sleep.

What made it worse was all my portable machines with short wires, tubes, etc. She was trying to calm me down by walking around but kept tripping over everything (small room) and then she'd be holding me and also trying to pick up the O2 tank, feeding pump, etc. We kiddos with extra "wiring" are definitely not easy to calm down when we are all hooked up!

Hopefully we are both able to catch up on our sleep tonight. We are home sweet home and we have a nurse coming tonight. Mommy is eagerly awaiting the nurse's arrival so she can catch some ZZZ's. :)


elle said...

good luck

Dylan (and Kristy) said...

Oh Amy! Being the sleep deprived individual I am these days, I really feel your pain...well, with the exception of having to worry about tripping over wires,etc. That must be frustrating and in a sleep-deprived state, that is infuriating!

I wish you the best in getting some sleep tonight.


Anonymous said...

Hope you were able to get some sort of sleep last night and that this little blurp finds you well rested. Thinking of you and Max bigtime.