Tuesday, October 24, 2006


What a few days! WOW! I had a lot of appointments. We got some answers and also have some new issues to address. Mommy seemed a little concerned but for the most part, all is well.

We were excited to run into some of our favorite nurses and doctors from last year. I must be pretty popular because everyone seemed to know my name! That was fun! And everyone couldn't believe how great I am doing. Mommy was super proud to show me off!

Mommy was also very proud of my patience, because we had a lot of waiting, waiting, waiting. The hospital was extremely hectic and all the clinics were WAY behind in their schedules. Fortunately I am an amazing little kiddo (that's what Mommy and Grammy kept saying!) and I was tolerant. They are pretty good entertainers and snugglers!

And as always, the camera served as a good distraction...enjoy a few from our trip!

I was bored waiting for the doctor, so Mommy let me pull her hair. :)

Here's me and Grammy talking, "BA BA NA NA DA DA." We are working a lot these days on copying and conversation.

Enough talking for now, I need to catch some ZZZ's. No time for a real nap, so I just snuck in some shut eye in the waiting room.

And here I am snoozing again in the waiting room the next day. Thanks Grammy for the snuggle!

We brought along my favorite toy and Grammy played with me. I am completely addicted to this toy box! The only problem is that I love, love, love standing with it and often come tumbling down with the toy on top of me. Mom has to keep a close eye on me!

Check out my side sitting! This requires a lot of balance and strength!


elle said...

wow side sitting thats cool

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures. I kept thinking of you the last two days. I hope that mommy's concerns are minimal and it's not something major. much love to your family